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I'm Senior Vice President of CafeMom and co-founder of our newest awesome site The Prowl. I have two little girls who have extremely loud voices, but who are also luckily very adorable. I love good (and sometimes bad) TV, shopping, and being able to actually eat breakfast in the morning. I also read too much, but figure there are worse addictions. 

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    posted by Kate Ward September 2 at 10:18 AM in Other
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    Few can be as intimidating to buy for as the Design Junkie. After all, everything must be just so. And it can take a certain talent to pick out something that will appeal to that artistic sensibility. Never fear, we've put together a few gift ideas that any design-loving friend would love to see under her tree this Christmas.





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    The only thing more important than the gifts you're giving out this Christmas is how meticulously those gifts are wrapped. Okay, that's not exactly true. But, for some of us, wrapping our presents can become an obsession. We spend too much time online scouring sites for the perfect paper. We lose hours in The Container Store watching 3 separate gift-wrapping presentations just because there will be different bow techniques presented in each. (Okay, maybe just me?) 

    For those of us who, perhaps, take a bit too much pride in having the loveliest packages under the tree, I've rounded up some of the best papers, tags, and tools available to the wrapping-crazed this year

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    Do you have one of those friends who is impossible to buy for simply because they're too damned cool? Does that same friend really love flannel, reclaimed wood, and have an abnormal obsession with facial hair? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you are in possession of a hipster friend. It's okay, we're here to make sure you don't spend this Christmas obsessing over finding a gift that won't provoke the dreaded hipster eyeroll. Read on for gift ideas that even the hippest of hipsters would love to receive

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    Ah, the book lover. How difficult could it be to buy a present for this person? It's so obvious, isn't it? The perfect present is a book, duh. Wrong! Take it from a bonafide bookworm (I can't stop reading, it's a sickness) -- a book is one of the riskiest gifts to give any hardcore reader. If they want to read it, chances are they have it already or are waiting for the perfect moment to purchase. Then there are the zillion books that they've already read and the many that they have no desire to read at all. For the book lover, buying a book is a pretty personal decision. It's a minefield, people, just stay clear! 

    So what can you buy for your favorite bookworm this holiday season? Read on for some bibliophile-approved suggestions. 

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