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Hi. I'm Kristen. Not Krissy. Or Kris. There's a difference. After having kids, I left life as a college music professor and became a writer, sex book author, and the current host of Cafemom Studios' show "Coffee Shop Confessions." 

When I'm not chasing after my four children or trying to keep track of my commercial pilot and Air Force Reserves officer husband, I can be found at my personal blog Motherhood Uncensored, as well as at Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech where I'm co-publisher and CEO.  

Sipping on:

Anything with tequila. Or just tequila.

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    I ran into a new, very tired mom the other day and I couldn't help but remember back to when my now almost-10-year old was a baby.

    God, she never, ever slept.

    But the more kids I added, the more I felt okay letting them cry it out a bit, and surprise, the better they all slept, which led me to believe that it wasn't necessarily her. Maybe my sleepless nights were my own fault.

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    After I finished breastfeeding my fourth baby and lost most of my baby weight, I was pretty depressed about my boobs.

    I realize I'm not supposed to say that because it sounds vain. Plus, they fed my children and that's amazing! And awesome!

    And yes that's great, really it is, but I miss my old breasts.

    As it turns out, half of my problem was that I was wearing the wrong bra. Maybe you are too.

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    I was visiting a friend this past weekend and we got to talking about baby advice. As you might guess, with four kids, I often get asked what tips I'd give to new moms.

    Over the years, I've come up with some pretty great answers, but the advice my friend gave at a recent baby shower topped any of mine. In fact, it's so awesome, I'll be doling it out whenever I can (with credit to her, of course).

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    I was one of those germaphobe first-time moms armed with hand sanitizer and shopping cart covers, doing what I thought I could to keep my then tiny baby healthy.

    Yes, I was more than a little obsessed.

    Now that I have four kids, I look at all the moms I see whipping out the wipes and the gels and the high-chair covers and roll my eyes because it's a total waste of time.

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    I wore all my kids in various slings and baby carriers when they were little, and I'm very glad I did, especially when I had more than one and needed my hands free.

    But as much as I understand the benefits of babywearing, it wasn't until I had my fourth baby who didn't really love being worn that I could have used the break.

    Is that being selfish? I used to think so. Now I'm pretty sure it's just being smart.

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