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A California girl transplanted to the wilds of suburban New Jersey, I’m a shoe-loving, book-obsessed writer and mama. I can also be found at BettyConfidential.com and my own blog, “My First Word Was Shoe.” My work has appeared on sites like SELF.com and The Huffington Post; other interests include running (badly), cooking (not so badly), and over-packing. Sometimes I get to do fun things like cover Fashion Week or “road test” beauty products, but most of the time I’m chained to my laptop or schlepping to pick-up in my PJs -- it’s good to have balance!

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    'Tis that spooktacular season again! Halloween is coming up fast, ladies! Whether you like to get all-out scary or want something fun and festive that won't scar the children for life, we've got some great Halloween nail art looks for you.

    So grab the candy corns, throw on that old witch's hat, and get into the spirit as you peruse these super fun Halloween nail ideas. And pass the fun-sized Snickers while you're at it, will you?

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    It's that time of year again! With all the back-to-school shopping you've been doing for your kids, you deserve some new supplies too, don't you think? And by supplies, of course I mean ... beauty supplies!

    From pencils to highlighters, here are some gorgeous products to replenish your book beauty bag, along with some time-saving tips for those stressful, rushed mornings. Because isn't that what we really wish we could shop for ... more time?!

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    Back in my day, only the wild, punky girls with dyed black hair and -- gasp! -- double-pierced ears! at my junior high wore blue nail polish. Oh the times, they have a-changed. Blue polish is totally mainstream and is, in fact, tres on trend. You can't throw a bottle of nail polish remover without hitting a celeb sporting a blue manicure.

    Now, I'm all for wearing whatever darn color of nail polish you want, no matter how old you are! But, if you're feeling a little unsure about straying into the blue zone, I've got some starter steps you can take. With these looks, you'll be stylish and hip but feel like a grown-up person (versus the girl in detention coloring the ends of her hair with a black Sharpie).

    Come on in, the water's blue!

    Do you wear blue nail polish?


    Image via EssiePolish/Instagram

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    Summer is still going strong (woohoo!), and if you're like me, you've fallen into a bit of a ponytail/messy bun rut. Granted, those are both easy ways of "doing" your hair and keeping it up off your neck and away from your face, but they do tend to get boring after a while. Adding a braid into your hairstyle can really take it from blah to super cute!

    Here are five ideas for hair with a twist, from long styles to a pretty updo that will work on short or long hair.

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    I am cuckoo for coconut. I do love the flavor, but more to the point: I love the smell, and I loooooove coconut-scented beauty products! They're great in the summer because they're so summery, and they're great in the winter because ... they're so summery!

    As a true coco-NUT, I have tried dozens (hundreds?!) of coconut beauty products, and these are some of my all-time favorites. And they're all really affordable, too!

    Do you like the smell of coconut and do you have any favorite beauty products to add to the list?

    Image via peddhapati/Flickr

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