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A California girl transplanted to the wilds of suburban New Jersey, I’m a shoe-loving, book-obsessed writer and mama. I can also be found at BettyConfidential.com and my own blog, “My First Word Was Shoe.” My work has appeared on sites like SELF.com and The Huffington Post; other interests include running (badly), cooking (not so badly), and over-packing. Sometimes I get to do fun things like cover Fashion Week or “road test” beauty products, but most of the time I’m chained to my laptop or schlepping to pick-up in my PJs -- it’s good to have balance!

Sipping on:

Full fat lattes (a.m.) and Chardonnay (p.m.)

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    You've probably noticed them popping up everywhere: bright, colorful, "skinny belts." They're the kind of thing that I love on other people, but am not quite sure how to approach myself, not really being a belt person in general. So I asked my style expert and author friend Bridgette Raes to give me some tips on how to work those fun, fab pieces into our wardrobes even if they don't quite seem like "us."

    Here are 4 tips on how to wear the bright belt trend and some colorful options out there for inspiration! Pair them with bright lipstick and you've got yourself a whole fresh new look!


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    When it comes to skincare, I have good intentions, but, well ... I'm kind of lazy. I mean, I'm sometimes lazy; other times just plain exhausted from my day. However, I'm not getting any younger, so I've been working to make sure I don't flake out too often on my skincare routine.

    Here are some of my tips and tricks for taking care of your skin without spending a lot of time and effort ... from one lazy girl to another!

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    It's almost time for the Easter Bunny to arrive! I look forward to this time of year for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being ... CHOCOLATE! Yummm! Get yourself -- and your fingers -- into a festive mood with these super cute Easter nail art ideas. (Each of these slides link to a video tutorial if you want the blow-by-blow.) All the better for eating Cadbury mini eggs with!

    Which design is your favorite?

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    Ah, family vacations. The joy and the misery, amiright? Trips can be sooo much fun, but they can also be the source of some serious strife. Things really get interesting when your kids turn into tweens and teens: It seems like you just start getting used to them being able to sit through a meal in a nice-ish restaurant without eating all the crayons or throwing a tantrum, when all of a sudden, they reach the age where eye-rolling and earbuds are on the menu. Permanently.

    To make sure your much-needed (and deserved!) vacay time is smooth sailing, have your tween/teen signs off on these 10 little rules before you hit the road ...

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    As long as there are cars and families, there will be family road trips. And just like in the olden days of our childhoods, there are still those classic road trip moments today that simply have to be captured on camera (and cameraphone and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and ...). Things may look a little different now than in the days of 35mm film, but the need to capture those irresistible pit stops and roadside views from the family vacation remains the same.

    Let's take a look at some of those classic snapshots from then and their modern, must-have versions.

    Happy travels!

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