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I've dabbled in the online and print world and I like to talk fashion. A lot. I've yet to meet a pair of shoes I don't like and I'm Beyonce's biggest fan. I'm a sucker for eggs benny and bad celebrity gossip. Pizza is my main food group.

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Bloody Mary, extra olives, please.

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    If there's one thing I hate about shopping (which is kind of impossible 'cause what's not to love about clothes!?), it's the dressing room. It's like a civilized torture chamber, what with the two feet of space, the cheap wooden bench that no one ever uses, and that forsaken mirror -- and uh, sometimes there's more than one mirror. I've learned that dreams go to dressing rooms to die. And die they do.

    Take for instance the other day, I made myself try on a shirt prior to buying it. It was a cute shirt, the appropriate size and length, but still, I wanted to be sure. In the fitting room, my worst fears were confirmed: Seems like every time I try something on in the right size, it's always too small, too clingy, too tight.

    Ever feel like dressing for your body only leaves you feeling fat?

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    Today on the The Daily Stir, Stefanie has the scoop on Miley Cyrus' shocking tweets and a crazy Kardashian cheating scandal. To make matters even worse, Robert Pattinson ditches Kristen Stewart for the holidays and it sounds like there's trouble in paradise once again. Watch!

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    On today's piping hot edition of The Daily Stir, there's so much to celebrate. A Bachelor couple tied the knot, a Teen Mom star got engaged, and Kate Middleton finally has a royal baby on the way! Check it out:

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    Women and weight. We go together sort of like Jekyll and Hyde in the way that we love, hate, can't live without each other. As a lady, I'm always aware of my weight and it's so frustrating. I don't want to worry about the numbers on the scale, but try as I may to stop, I still do.

    Even if I didn't want to, I could still count calories faster than I could ever recite the ABC's. But my problem with working out is that it's a lifestyle. You can't work out for a week, take three months off, work out for a day (not like I'm speaking from personal experience or anything ... but, uh). It's not a phase. And that's totally why maintaining my weight is such a challenge for me.

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    If you're a HUGE, HUGE, COLOSSAL fan of holiday movies, then you've come to the right place. All your favorite television networks have started to kick off their holiday programming with a jingle. Make way for some new favorites, some old ones, and some movies so awesome you've got to tune in every time they air (cough *Elf* cough).

    So grab the kids, a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, and snuggle up on the couch together ... because this time of year it's all about the holiday flicks! And since this season is also all about giving, we've put together a jam-packed, all-inclusive list of every must-watch holiday show on TV in December. Set your DVRs, too, so you don't miss any of those classics.

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