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I'm the copy chief & an occasional writer for The Stir. I really like grammar and words and very nerdy books, which is weird to most people. I live in uptown New York City, but you can always find me at a Pittsburgh Steelers bar during football season on Sunday. I like the Steelers so much that I even blog about them.

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    A third teaser, after the release of super-tiny teasers "Together As One" and "Unity," has been unleashed on humanity for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The first two featured Donald Sutherland as President Snow giving propaganda speeches on behalf of "the Capitol." In the newest teaser trailer, "Our Leader the Mockingjay," which runs for about a minute, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, duh, is the face of the rebellion, showing how grand the scope has grown since the first couple of films.

    There's also a heartbreaking peek at Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee, who does a lot of the narrating, Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell Cressida, and Julianne Moore as District 13's President Alma Coin. Hottie Liam Hemsworth also makes an appearance -- but there's no Josh Hutcherson. It's more than worth a look if you're at all a Hunger Games fan!

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    All right, all right, all right! Comic-Con is in full swing in San Diego. No wonder the event is so damn popular -- so many stars show up! In a first for both of them, Matthew McConaughey and director Christopher Nolan made a surprise appearance on Thursday, July 24. They talked about their new movie Interstellar and debuted a brand-new, extended trailer that the rest of us losers aren't privileged enough to see. 

    The first trailer for Interstellar was released back in May. McConaughey goes on a space mission with Anne Hathaway. With McConaughey enjoying critical and commercial success from his roles in True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club, he's probably thrilled people are finally thinking, Whoa, dude can act! And his newest project sounds pretty awesome.

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    Usually the most controversial thing about the Duggars is ... the fact that Jim Bob and Michelle reproduced an amazing 19 times. Of course, the family is also famous for their strong Christian values, so when one of them takes on Catholicism, you know eyebrows will be risen.

    Well -- sort of one of them. Jessa Duggar's boyfriend, Ben Seewald, published a rant on Facebook criticizing Catholicism for their "deadly errors." When the responses got nasty, he deleted it.

    "I have nothing against individuals who are Catholic. I know a lot of Catholics who are great people. What I DO have a problem with is the teaching that man can merit God’s favor through his own works or the works of other fallen men,” he wrote, quoting Ephesians 2:8-9.

    Clearly controversial and clearly the type of press the Duggars have managed to avoid for so long! You can't help but wonder what the family thinks about Ben's rant.

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    Pharrell Williams may be most known for "Happy" recently, while Miley Cyrus may be most known for twerking and sticking out her tongue. Combine those two forces, and what do you get? Miley and Pharrell in his new video, "Come Get It Bae." The video starts off flashing the words "Beauty has no expiration date," then features a bunch of, well, young, beautiful women dancing around in a studio. In heels, of course. Because why not!

    Pharrell, for the most part, sits there and smiles at all the hot women, most likely thinking that it must be good being Pharrell. (According to Rolling Stone, this is an homage to George Michael's "Too Funky" clip. In case you wanted to know.)

    But then of course, clearly diverting from said homage, Miley shows up about two minutes in, and any guesses as to what she immediately does? You bet: She looks at the camera and sticks her tongue out.

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    There are some MAJOR Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. Like season 1 spoilers. If you've watched at least that far or know what happens, read on, my nerdy friend, read on. As most of you are well aware, the most shocking moment of season 1 was when Eddard Stark, played by Sean Bean, got his head chopped off. The typical "good guy" character and one of the most recognizable faces from the cast -- it had every fan going, "Did they really just do that?!?"

    Well perhaps Bean is a little bit bitter about what happened now that the series has really taken off (season 4 just wrapped up and was the most-watched show in HBO history, taking over from The Sopranos). An interviewer mentioned that Bean may be able to come back because flashbacks will most likely be featured in season 5. And then Bean may have accidentally revealed a HUGE spoiler fans of the series have long been speculating about.

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