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I'm the copy chief & an occasional writer for The Stir. I really like grammar and words and very nerdy books, which is weird to most people. I live in uptown New York City, but you can always find me at a Pittsburgh Steelers bar during football season on Sunday. I like the Steelers so much that I even blog about them.

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    Hey, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 fans, there's some awesome movie stuff coming your way to gawk at. New posters have been released to promote Mockingjay, and there's a lot of guns, a lot of wings, a lot of black, and a hot, head-half-shaven Natalie Dormer. What more could you ask for, really? And there's no doubt about it ... if you haven't read the books in a while, you will most likely have to google some of these names.

    Ah, propoganda! Something every Hunger Games fan is most likely familiar with.

    Check out the newest posters below and proceed to geek out until you can see the movie on November 21.

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    You may have been super tired last night/woken up bleary-eyed this morning, but most likely your spirits were risen to the high heavens when you read the latest breaking entertainment news. It seems that a Full House revival is in the works! Yep, your favorite, cheesy, violin-background music-loving, all-white cast could actually grace your television screens yet again in the very near future. Oh, Mylanta!

    The sitcom aired on ABC from 1987 to 1995 and can still be seen at nighttime on Nick at Nite. Don't lie, you know you've watched a couple episodes. With the show's success on Nick at Nite, Warner Bros. TV is thinking about bringing back some of the original cast and giving the show a reboot. With the newly revived Girl Meets World getting a second season, this could equal ratings gold. Or, at the very least, a super-curious audience who wants to see exactly which direction the reboot could possibly take.

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    Imagine going around thinking your house was haunted -- things were moving around inexplicably. Kind of cool to tell your family and friends, right? Well, that's what Rachel Leck thought. A lamp was knocked down; some decorations fell off the wall. Perhaps a visit from a friendly spirit? Um, no, the reality is far more terrifying. After observing these strange movements in her southern Ontario home, on August 17, as she went to sit down on the sofa, she saw a 10-foot snake draped over the arm rest opposite her.

    Commence. Screaming. Now.

    "There was some screams and there was some swearing," she recalled in an interview over the phone. Definitely would be most people's initial reaction! Police say the constrictor snake is most likely a Burmese python -- an exotic species that is prohibited from being kept as a pet in Midland.

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    Is this the spazziest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge you've ever seen? Jennifer Aniston took the challenge, and her fiance Justin Theroux was the one to do the honors by pouring a ton of cold water on the actress's gorgeous head. And it's pretty much something you simply have to see.

    It's always a tad jarring to see celebrities doing the same thing you and your family and friends have been doing the past few weeks, isn't it? They're human beings too! Well, most of the time.

    And you have to give Jennifer props for making a donation and encouraging her fans to do the same. She really is the cutest. Her reaction to getting all that icy cold water poured on her head is hilarious, and Justin's sweet kiss at the end makes it all worth it.

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    Game of Thrones fans are going through some serious withdrawal lately. Like the bad, shaky, hallucination-inducing kind. There is no more season 4. There are no new A Song of Ice and Fire books to read. And then we get this news during the "offseason" that author George R. R. Martin may kill everyone off in the last books of the series. Great.

    Earlier this week, George talked about his creative process in front of a live audience. His first, perhaps most important advice for young writers? "Stay anonymous." Makes sense, considering fans are borderline obsessed with this series and analyze his every move and keep asking if he's going to finish up the books before he kicks the bucket (seriously).

    But then he dropped this major bombshell:

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