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I'm Deborah, most people know me online as @TruthfulMommy. I'm the creator of the brutally honest parenting site The TRUTH about Motherhood. I am a writer, a wife, and a work-at-home Ninja Mommy who's trying to do it all well; sometimes falling short. I live in the Midwest with my 2 little girls and my husband. I have a lot of degrees from a bunch of schools but mostly spend my days shuttling people under the age of 7 while trying to maintain my sanity. I talk a lot. I may not always say what you want to hear but it will always be my honest viewpoint. I know it's not the only one.

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    It’s wintertime and though the glistening mounds of snow and beautiful sculptured icicles are pristine to look at, they don't do much for the skin. In my house, winter means cold, dry weather that ruins my skin. It becomes dry, ashy, and itchy. It is miserable and if I dare to go outside for extended amounts of time or with wet hands, they often end up dry, cracked, and bleeding. It’s awful. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few precautions you can have beautiful, supple skin all year round.

    Here are things you can do to avoid dry skin this winter.

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    According to the U.S. Census bureau’s statistics, if you get married before the age of 30, your marriage is almost certainly doomed to failure. Wow! That would have been good to know before I consented to marry the Big Guy after four months of dating when I was a wee 26 years old. Of course, we are about to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in a couple months and, to be honest, there seems to be no end in sight. Screw the stats, they don’t know me.

    Here are a few other ridiculous divorce statistics.

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    Do you have a baby or child who suffers from eczema? Approximately one in three infants are affected by eczema. It appears as patches of dry skin that become rough and inflamed, with blisters that cause itching and bleeding. It can results from a reaction to an irritant but usually there is no clear cause.

    Eczema usually begins before a baby is 12 months old, but effects people of all ages. Fortunately, it is not contagious. If it pops up in a baby, the child usually grows out of it by the time he reaches his sixth birthday. But a small percentage may experience eczema into adulthood.

    Here are a few things every parent needs to know about eczema.

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    Christmas is in less than a week and all of my shopping is done with the exception of some stocking stuffers that I would like to give to some of my favorite people. A little something that comes from the heart and that when they use it, they will think of me and all the time and love I put into making it just for them.

    I scoured the Internet, and Pinterest too, and found a few of my favorites that I think you will love just as much as I do.

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    Christmas is in just over a week and while many people are done shopping, many are still on the hunt for that perfect gift. The thing is sometimes you just can’t find the perfect gift in the store. Some of my most favorite gifts that I have given and received are those that were handmade. There is just something about making it with your own two hands; all the thought, time and love that goes into it makes it priceless and you can tailor the gift to the recipient.

    Here are a five amazing homemade gifts for kids that I curated from the Internet. They are easy to do and fairly cheap and they will blow your little ones away. You just might get that “WOW” you’ve been waiting for all of these years.

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