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I've been a humor blogger since 2009 -- something I kind of "fell into." My words have been quoted in The New York Times,, and a few TV programs have even dared to put me on camera. Before becoming a full-time writer for The Stir, I dished out celeb gossip for Babble and wrote for CBS CT. I currently reside in the boonies, but long for the city, the coast, or a combination of both. And I'm afraid of butterflies. (Everyone has their thing.)

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    Ok, who else is on pins and needles as to what Catelynn Lowell will name her baby girl after she revealed a key clue about the name yesterday? Now that we know her daughter's moniker will either start with the letter "V" or have that letter somewhere in it, we can't help but try and take a guess.

    And obviously Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are so excited about welcoming their new addition that they can't resist sharing these fun little details with us.

    With her latest Instagram post, Catelynn showed off a little more of her baby's nursery, which is simply darling!

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    Well? Dancing With the Stars season 19 is officially underway. Even though the show just premiered last night, it's already time for one cast member to leave the ballroom.

    This early on in the show, it's pretty easy to predict who will wind up leaving. Voters seem to actually go by who performs well each week instead of those who unfortunately have two left feet but win the popularity contest for whatever reason.

    And after last night's debut dances, it wasn't at all shocking to hear that Antonio Sabato, Jr., Tavis Smiley, Randy Couture, and Janel Parrish (um, what was up with her and Val Chmerkovskiy kissing backstage?!?) are definitely going through. They knocked it out of the park last night and will likely continue to be stiff competition going forward.

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    While the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise ended with Michelle Money & Cody Sattler and Marcus Grodd & Lacy Faddoul leaving Mexico happy and in love, and as an engaged couple, respectively, Sarah Herron's breakup with Robert Graham was especially painful to watch.

    I mean, getting dumped is one thing, but dumping a dude because he refused to go past first base with you while spending the night in a luxurious hotel suite is a whole different ball game.

    OMG. Who else wanted to reach through the TV and hug Sarah while punching Robert at the same time? (Seriously!)

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    Plenty of us fall into the trap of letting our diet and exercise plans fall to the wayside over the summer, you know, because every time you turn around, there's another cookout happening with all sorts of yummy food and beverages.

    It's perfectly normal to pack on a few extra pounds what with all the extra partying going on, but would you believe Khloe Kardashian blames Kourtney Kardashian for her weight gain, not the effect summertime typically has on waistlines?

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    Ever since we found out that Catelynn Lowell is pregnant, we've been so excited and over the moon for her, we can hardly stand it. She and Tyler Baltierra are going to be such unbelievable parents, and it's clear that the decision to start their own family is something they thought very long and hard about.

    It's been so much fun to follow Catelynn's pregnancy thus far, especially considering how open she's been about sharing details with us about her baby girl!

    We already heard her heartbeat and saw the sonogram photo. Now Catelynn has given us a major hint about what she and Tyler will name their little angel!

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