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I'm a home schooling mom to a 9-year-old daughter. I'm also daughter of Daft Scottish Mom, who calls me an 'awful wee lassie' on a daily basis. I cannot argue with this assessment. Mark Steyn and Thomas Sowell are my Thinkies Porn and I'm one of those icky fiscal and social Conservatives. Between laundry, Barbies and school, I'm a blogger who writes for RedStateHuman Events, and Big Journalism.  I also very much enjoy the evil substances known as salt, red meat, and bacon. Co-host of That's What She Said on FTR Radio. 

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    Jeremiah WrightThe lapdog media has decided that it will judge for the great "unwashed masses" which stories are relevant or not. It has deemed Jeremiah Wright irrelevant and is toeing the Democrat line by throwing out the race card, claiming that it's racist to discuss President Obama's pastor and spiritual counselor of twenty years.

    Sorry, media, but the American people will decide what is relevant or not. And discussing the character of people with which a man surrounds himself is relevant, not racist. More importantly, there are allegations of a hush-money bribe. Exposing bribery is also not racism; it's called journalism.

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    Last week, President Obama conveniently "evolved" enough to come out for gay marriage, after a trial balloon was floated by Vice President Biden. President Obama was quick to cash in on his "evolution," immediately sending out a campaign mailer that said he was "asked a direct question and gave a direct answer." In reality, the only question he answered was if he was willing to use people as a fundraising scheme and the answer was a resounding "aww, hell yes."

    President Obama does have a "laser-like focus" on one job -- his own.



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    Kitchen tableThe press never seems to ask the questions that are on the minds of everyday Americans. They have their narratives and they ask questions that will feed those narratives one way or the other. This is detrimental to us all because we have valid and important questions that have nothing to do with silly narratives and everything to do with our real lives. True 'kitchen table' issues that affect us on a day-to-day basis and which will continue to affect us and our children.

    The first question I would ask the candidates: Why are women used as pawns as a way to distract and divide? The Democrats have invented a whole "war on women" meme, harmful to us all. It distracts from the real issues and is a clumsy attempt to scare women into voting as a monolithic bloc, as if one's gender is inextricably linked to one's politics.

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    Football coaches Henry Sanders and Vince Lombardi famously said, "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing." While I'm about to faint, having made a sporty thingies reference, this credo applies in politics as well. That's why you see politicians pulling out all the stops and using their positions to recruit "star power" via celebrity endorsements.

    President Obama takes the cake in this regard. Which isn't surprising, being that President Obama relies on a cult of personality since he cannot rely on his abysmal record. More interesting is why he is pulling his latest cash for access stunt: Dinner with him and George Clooney (no word yet if dog meat will be on the menu) for the low, low price of $3. The White House is shamelessly up for sale at the bargain basement price of $3. 

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    President Obama, Warren BuffettPresident Obama's "laser like focus" on jobs seems only to entail pushing for things that will have the exact opposite effect of creating jobs. His latest nonsense? The Buffett Rule. Good grief; Warren Buffett's secretary is omnipresent. Does she even perform her job as, you know, secretary or is she now just a shill for Obama?

    Desperate to foment an atmosphere of class warfare, he and his fellow Democrats have even resorted to trying to tie Ronald Reagan, a man whom they usually viciously demonize, to the absurd Buffett Rule. It doesn't pass the smell test, though. Even we oh-so-silly "never worked a day in our lives" moms can see that, as evidenced when the White House shamefully took to Twitter to push the "fair share" Buffett Rule falsehoods. Evidently, some "bitter clingers" know garbage when they see it. Of course, many regular people know what it's like to meet a payroll, unlike our President.

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