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I consider myself a progressive liberal mom. I have two sons, ages 8 and 6. Being a mother has made me a fierce advocate for education and nutrition. I'm a creative spirit with business sensibilities and have been accused of having a bleeding heart and an ideological sense of the world, but I'm okay with that. I am also a writer and marketer with my own consulting business. I share my musings and rants at Dirt & Noise.


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    I breathed a sigh of relief and pumped my fists in the air when Barack Obama was reelected last week. I allowed myself a moment of celebration and nod of gratitude for all the hours volunteers spent toiling for a cause and a candidate they believe in.

    In sharp contrast, most of my Romney supporting friends admitted to me that they were voting against Obama and cast only a half-hearted vote for Romney. This matters not in outcome, but it does matter in terms of passion and conviction. I tried to wake my sons to tell them the news as they requested, but neither boy budged. It was, after all, well past midnight, and they had been sleeping soundly for hours. My pride, relief, and celebration were extinguished pretty quickly.

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    Financial crises and climaxes ebb and flow. One president in one term will not have made our lives better or worse. The complex financial cycle does not allow us to make such broad strokes for such a short period of time. And to be clear, the President has little control over issues like gas prices and job creation. The President is our nation's visionary leader and guide who works in concert with the two other branches of government to ensure we adhere to our Constitution. We elect the President to lead the United States of America. In tomorrow's race, only one man has a vision to unite this country that has fallen to shreds of division. Barack Obama.

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    Barack Obama is the only candidate who fiercely supports mothers and children. His passion is palpable because he is the father of daughters. He was raised by a single mother and grandmother so the vital role of women and mothers is cemented in his DNA. President Obama clearly values women and the roles they choose for themselves. His mindset is current, and his policies will not take us back to the 1950s. Mitt Romney’s positions on women, however, reek of the The Handmaid’s Tale.

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    It’s time Mitt Romney trades in his Bally loafers for some cheap rubber flip-flops. Am I to believe he suddenly supports women’s rights? Does he truly believe in supporting the working poor and middle class? Nah, he just wants your vote. And he's stretching and struggling to say anything that will grab your attention long enough to latch on to a sound bite to get you to check the ballot in his favor on November 6.

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    The big loser in last night’s debate was Jim Lehrer. I grew up with my dad watching the MacNeil/Lehrer Report back in the day. I know Jim Lehrer is articulate and intelligent. But last night leaves me wondering what the heck happened? Moderator aside, I think each candidate “won” in his own way. Romney won the theater points, while Obama took the lead with substance. 

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