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I am a mom, a blogger, a former reporter and someone who toe-dipped in politics very briefly. I have started my own website, to give moms who are turned off by the media static a place to get the daily headlines, political commentary, a laugh and even a recipe for dinner.  My politics are moderate Republican although I've voted Democrat. I believe this is where most of America is right now.  "Time" magazine called us the "Silent Majority." Maybe we're more like the "Silent Maternity."


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    Oh, well. I was hoping for a hanging chad controversy or some other indication that the 2012 election wasn't truly over. Some fluke by which Romney wins the popular vote and the Electoral College is turned on its head. The truth is it was over fairly early. Far earlier than anyone thought it would be. And as close as Mitt Romney got to the White House, at the end of the day, he never got close enough to the voters to oust President Barack Obama. 

    I don't know what happened.

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    It's interesting to revisit this question after blogging over the last year and watching the 2012 election campaigns unfold. Who is going to be the best candidate for women and children? For me, it's Mitt Romney. But that is because I consider the economy our biggest concern this go-around. And I think it's time to give a successful businessman the chance to run things for awhile. And as I've said before, I believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

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    Mitt Romney looked relaxed and confident heading into the Presidential debate on foreign policy, the last debate of the 2012 Presidential Election. And well he should have! With the Gallup poll putting him 9 points ahead of President Barack Obama two weeks out from the elections, and having never been wrong before when a candidate had that big a lead this close to Election Day, Romney was the most confident he's been so far.

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    When it comes to debates, it really is the zingers that people remember. And it appears they could be a factor again in these 2012 elections. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had some great ones in this second debate. Like when he talked about how if we continue borrowing and spending we are setting this country on "The Road to Greece" and when he turned to President Barack Obama and said, "Have you looked at your pension fund lately? You've got investments in China and the Caymans, too." And oh, yeah, I liked the, "Did he or didn't he call it an Act of Terror in the Rose Garden that day?" Although that one lost a little steam because it is unclear exactly what the Administration did and didn't say those first two weeks. As a fellow blogger said last night, if he did call it an Act of Terror but still kept blaming an anti-Islam movie on YouTube, is that telling the truth or just massaging the release of information?

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    I thought the Vice Presidential debate was so interesting because it was really Joe Biden's to lose. After all, he just did this four years ago when he ran against Sarah Palin, he is a much older and more experienced debater and politician than Congressman Paul Ryan, and his personal strength is the warm touch. But something happened last night. It just felt like he was too focused on his performance and that he was overdoing the theatrics. At the end of the day all that finger pointing, the dramatic sighs and harumphs, and the overly confident references to his friend "Bibi" (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) came off as fake.

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