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I am a Southern transplant loving and living in NYC. I subscribe to more magazines than I can read, inspirational blogs are my porn, and, while I like to pretend I'm well-versed in the literary classics, I really only devour chick lit and fantasy tales. My friends call me Martha Stewart for my insane obsession of hosting themed parties in my tiny apartment, but since she's my idol, I take it as a compliment. I am a compulsive thrift shop buyer, and am currently trying to make my way through the numerous DIY decorating projects that I've created for myself because of that.


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    It takes more than just a sequined jacket and a ton of hair gel to imitate The King. You have to ooze sex and style from your veins, replicate his saucy, mumbling voice, and shake those hips like there's no tomorrow. Elvis Presley himself starred on the big screen numerous times, but he was such an icon that even to this day, films use him as a character.

    Since it's Elvis's 76th birthday, we're comparing two actors who have starred as the King in major motion picture roles: Kurt Russell and Jack White.






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    It's been awhile since Nicolas Cage has come out with a great movie (long gone are his Adaptation and Leaving Las Vegas days), and a small part of me keeps hoping that maybe his next film will bring him back to star status. Unfortunately for Nic fans, Season of the Witch is not going to be that film. Cage stars as a knight returning from the Crusades to a Black Plague-torn homeland. The church elders have put the blame on a girl, who they deem as a witch, and they command the knights to escort her to the monastery so the monks can lift her curse. Along the way, they encounter genre-appropriate beings such as wolves and demons.

    Critics are slamming the film, saying that this could have been Nic's comeback performance, but instead, it just ensured his position in the bottom of the Hollywood barrel.

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    James Franco has long taunted the media about his sexual orientation. Even though he's been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Ahna O’Reilly, his numerous role choices of playing gay characters has people thinking that, perhaps, he is gay, and instead of shouting a defining answer like most celebrities, he coyly dodges the question.

    Some critics say that it's a publicity stunt, to ensure his name continues to make headlines. That his back-and-forth play is almost an insult to those truly struggling with their sexual identity.

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  • Princess Boy Will Be a Victim of Bullying

    posted by Brittny Drye January 6, 2011 at 9:45 PM in Big Kid
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    I think that it's fantastic that Cheryl Kilodavis, mother of 5-year-old Dyson, allows her son to wear tutus and princess dresses. I really don't see a problem with little girls wearing football jerseys or little boys dressing up in skirts. Let the kids be who they want to be, it's really not that big of a deal. At first, Cheryl was hesitant to let Dyson climb trees in a dress, but then with the coaxing of her older son and husband, she accepted it. So much so that the family now refers to him as "Princess Boy."

    She went on to write a book, My Princess Boy, urging parents to accept their children for who they are. But to prove her point, she published photos of her adorable Princess Boy, posing in a variety of fluffy dresses. Which is one of the worst things she could have possibly done.

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  • Which Job Should Ted Williams Accept?

    posted by Brittny Drye January 6, 2011 at 5:23 PM in Entertainment
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    Just a few weeks ago, Ted Williams was standing along an Ohio highway, homeless, holding a sign telling passersby about his God given talent as a radio announcer who happened to have fallen on hard times. But after Columbus Dispatch photographer Doral Chenowerth took the time to give the man a platform, America listened. The YouTube video of Ted's amazing "golden voice" went viral, and his story melted the hearts of people everywhere. After several television and radio appearances, the man who couldn't find a job now has a slew of job offers to choose from. Here are just a few of his options:

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