8-Year-Old Takes Sister on Epic Joyride to McDonald's (& We're Kinda Impressed)

Plenty of kids fantasize about the day they can get behind the wheel and hit the open road, but few get as early a start as this little guy. An 8-year-old boy from Ohio taught himself to drive by watching YouTube videos and took his sister out for a bite to eat at McDonald's. Talk about a joyride -- with or without a Happy Meal.


After 8 p.m. Sunday evening, an enterprising boy, whose parents apparently fell asleep early, decided to put what he'd learned into practice and took his father's work van out for a spin. (That'll teach this dad to store the keys in a new spot!) 

As terrifying as this is for parents to think about, it turns out this guy must've been paying close attention to those videos that he told police he watched. Not only did he drive a mile, crossing multiple intersections and railroad tracks, but witnesses told police he obeyed all speed limits and other traffic rules before arriving at the Golden Arches.

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While sneaking out of the house and operating a vehicle might be every parent's worse nightmare, you have to admit, this boy showed a lot of skills that others far older than he is wouldn't possess.  

In a way, it's really impressive to think about this kid not only driving but also ordering for himself and paying for himself and his sister. Some kids are too shy to speak up for themselves even when their parents are with them!

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Thankfully, no one was injured during the jaunt. Also fortunate was the fact that a family friend was dining at the fast food joint that evening and called the kids' grandparents before the little guy got back behind the wheel to drive home.

If he'd stuck with the drive-through, who knows if he'd even have been stopped. How wild would it be to be working the window and see an 8-year-old roll up in a van? You'd think you were on a hidden camera show!

According to Fox News 8, the case is still under investigation. We're just glad that these children got back home safely -- and we hope his mom and dad don't get into trouble. Reportedly, their father was exhausted from working and went to bed and their mom dozed off on the couch. As most parents know, by Sunday evening, you're usually ready for a good night's rest. Both were home and we're pretty sure that they'd never think that something like this was ever even a remote possibility!

But now that these parents know they've got a little chauffeur on their hands, they'll have to be really careful about keeping the keys hidden -- and maybe checking his YouTube history wouldn't be a bad idea either. In fact, maybe all his Internet usage should be monitored before he quits school to become an Uber driver!

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