Nail Salon Accused of Charging Overweight Customers More (Yes, Really)

Woman getting a pedicure at a spa or nail salon

As if choosing a nail color before scrolling through a list of mani-pedi options at a salon -- all while feeling rushed -- isn't crazy enough, here comes a $15 upcharge to persons who are deemed obese. Rose Nails has been making headlines, as the Tennessee salon reportedly posted a sign announcing overweight customers would be charged more -- which is so messed up, and so wrong, I can't help but hang my head in shame.


Deshania Ferguson posted this photo on Facebook earlier this month that shows a handwritten sign that states, "Sorry, but if you're overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists" -- which has since been removed.

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And, in case you're wondering, Rose Nails reportedly charges $30 for a regular pedicure.

Deshania Ferguson shares this horrible nail salon sign that charges overweight customers more.
Deshania Ferguson/Facebook

Yup, you read right: an overweight surcharge on top of paying cash only. This place!

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When WREG Memphis News asked owner Son Nguyen about the controversial sign, he admits he was thinking to put one up but says he never did ... even though the chairs and flooring in Deshania's photo are said to match that of his establishment. 


He did, though, confess he charges men an extra $5, because they don't come in as often as women (what a way to bring in business!) -- and WREG Memphis News reported that Nguyen decided to refuse service to severely overweight people in efforts to protect his pedicure chairs from being broken.

(Talk about being honest!)

Yeah, you can miss me with this BS.

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Though I likely wouldn't qualify for this biased "service fee" at a glance, technically, my BMI puts me one point over into the land of overweight. And if you think I'm going to give $15 extra for your associates to sit on a stool and perform the same service as they do for everyone else not paying the upcharge, you got another thing coming, buddy.

Pedicures already cost a small fortune as is without the need to marginalize a group of people -- or make anyone feel horrible about his or her weight. I'd rather take care of my own toes, purchase professional pedicure tools off Amazon with free two-day shipping, and save the small fortune spent giving it to discriminatory establishments.

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