Mom Wants Answers After School Dental Program Pulls Son's Teeth Without Asking

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Getting your kids to go to the dentist willingly can be a daunting task. But the thought of a routine cleaning is no big deal, right? Well, a mom who signed a consent form to allow her 9-year-old son to participate in a dental program through the Baltimore City school district was outraged to learn that three of her son's teeth were pulled without her permission. If you can believe it, the story gets even worse from there. 


The procedure ended up taking so long the poor child missed his bus. Though the third grader, named Michael, had just undergone oral surgery without his parents' consent and without any pain medication, he was allowed to walk home -- one mile -- alone. 

When the boy arrived at his house in tremendous pain with his mouth swollen, naturally, his mom was outraged. 

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"I'm angry about this. I don't think that it should have happened like that," mom Shanda Flemming told WJZ, an affiliate of CBS radio based in Baltimore. "I just don't understand how a school or a company can take it in their hands to do something like this to a child," she added.

We couldn't agree more. A cleaning that you've consented to (which is what this mom thought she was doing) is one thing, but to perform an invasive procedure without parental approval seems completely unethical.

Citing HIPPA and privacy concerns, Baltimore City Schools declined WJZ's request for comment. Unbelievable, isn't it?

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There's no doubt that this poor boy might be totally scarred from this experience and never want to see a dentist again. Plus, how did the district allow him to walk home by himself after what he'd just endured? Unconscionable. 

Though we are in no way blaming this child or his mom in any way, this story is an opportunity for parents to talk with their kids about speaking up if a situation feels uncomfortable or wrong. Yes, it's incredibly tough for a little kid to question authority, but the earlier you can advocate for yourself the better. You can tell your children that sometimes grown-ups do make mistakes, and to not be afraid to speak up or ask to call Mom or Dad if they're feeling anxious. 

We hope Michael has a quick recovery and that his mom gets the answers she deserves. 

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