Bride's Mom Killed When Tree Falls on Wedding Party


What should've been one of the happiest days of this couple's life has ended in tragedy after a large eucalyptus tree fell on their wedding party, killing the mother of the bride and injuring five other people, including the bride's 4-year-old niece, as they posed for photos. We're still learning the heartbreaking details of the bizarre accident that occurred late Saturday afternoon in Whittier's Penn Park, a scenic locale just 20 miles east of Los Angeles.


The bride's mom, 61-year-old Margarita Mojarro of San Pedro, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to information obtained by ABC News affliate KABC in Los Angeles.

Police officers and firefighters worked to free those who were trapped under the enormous limb of the 100-foot tree, which a witness said snapped in two before landing on several people.

We can't even begin to imagine how devastating this must be for the family and their loved ones who no doubt went to the park to capture this momentous occasion in photos they'd treasure for years to come. We can't even begin to imagine the loss the bride felt on a day that she should have been celebrating, not mourning. Now the afternoon will be a sad reminder of a happy event gone horribly wrong and of a loss like no other.

Of course, it must be shocking and awful for all involved, including the parents of the young girl who is listed in critical condition due to head trauma.

So many brides and grooms love to take photos outdoors -- and while they typically hope for blue skies, it wouldn't occur to most couples to even consider the possibility of this happening. 

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Others who were in the park ran to see if they could be of help after hearing screaming. What caused the tree to fall? Officials believe that the recent rainfall, on the heels of California's ongoing drought, may be at least partially to blame. Arborists are checking other trees within the park to ensure that this doesn't happen again. 

Chilling eyewitness video taken after a massive tree crashed in Whittier yesterday, trapping 20, killing one person and injuring at least 9. Repost @la_allday562 ��� I was there minutes after the tree fell...we actually thought it was a bomb that went off at the college. My parents live a block from the park and my sister and brother n law helped the bride get out from under the crazy!! The mom of bride was the most severely hurt when they arrived and while others tended to her, they were able to also help a young girl who was hit by the tree and had a concussion. So sad, and a clear reminder that even under the happiest of occasions you just never know that your last hug, hello or conversation with someone could actually be your last � #saturday #prayers #whittier #news

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Your heart goes out to the victims and, of course, the bride, groom, or whomever selected this location. We can only imagine how the guilt of unknowingly choosing this dangerous spot might consume you.

A wedding should be a wonderful celebration of love and the start of a new beginning -- not a day with undoubtedly terrible memories attached and one forever marred by an accident that no one could've ever seen coming.

We send condolences to the bride, groom, and entire family -- and we hope for a quick recovery for the victims of this tragedy. We also hope that these newlyweds are able to find some peace in the days ahead. 

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