Mom's Edit of Cheating Husband's Tinder Bio Is the Revenge All Women Deserve

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It's often hard to find a completely honest profile on a dating website. But a woman who discovered that her husband was looking for love on Tinder decided to give his profile a brutally honest edit that proves the old adage: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." And this is scorn you have to see.


The fact that he had the app in plain sight on his phone pretty much means he was asking to get caught. Other cheaters at least have the sense to get a second phone or delete the app before coming home. But maybe being a little slow with these things is another one of this father of two's lousy attributes.

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Check out his enhanced profile, courtesy of his soon-to-be ex. 

Hell hath no fury... from Tinder

Wow, she skewered this guy, right? Not that we blame her. After reading this, we think it's safe to say his love life is over for a while.

You have to wonder how long it took for him to realize something was up -- maybe as soon as he was inundated with hate messages? Based on the rage of Reddit users, we're guessing it happened pretty quickly. Here are just a few of their colorful comments:

"He looks like he's being strangled."

"He probably is."

"This is actually the crime scene photo."

"I thought it was just the picture of a fat potato with a face. TIL!"

Ouch! Sorry, Mike, people seem to really dislike you. 

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This poor woman, though. It's one thing to suspect your partner is cheating, it's another to come face to face with his dating profile. Most wives would have either deleted the app or confronted the guy in private. Not everyone would be so ballsy as to rewrite his profile and out him to the world as a cheater and a liar. Encouraging others to blow up his inbox is another creative twist that won't let him soon forget what a jerk he's been.

Mike should now realize he had a wife with great imagination, plenty of fiery passion, and way too much self-respect to stay with the likes of him. 

Now that he's no doubt deleted his profile and email and probably packed his bags, let's hope this woman is able to move forward for herself and the sake of her two young kids. 

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