Grandma Goes Viral After Inviting the Wrong 'Grandkid' to Thanksgiving Dinner

Grandma texting

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone's sending their group messages out now to finalize all the dinner details. While it's hard not to be annoyed at the constant pings of a group text, I think it's safe to say we all got a kick out of this grandmother's group message to her grandchildren to let them know Thanksgiving dinner was at her place. You know, considering one of the members wasn't actually her grandchild, but instead a total stranger -- who happened to be a teen.


The hilarious incident has now gone viral with more than 360 thousand likes and 185,878 reposts. It has even forced the grandma to change her phone number, as the texts were posted by the teen's friend on Twitter without blurring her digits. So you can imagine how many pranksters contacted her for an invite to her feast.

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It all began when the adorable grandma sent this message: "Thanksgiving dinner is at my house on Nov. 24 at 3:00pm. Let me know if you're coming. Hope to see you all." But, she quickly got the infamously awkward question "who is this?" in return from 17-year-old Jamal Hinton.

Grandma goes viral texting a stranger instead of grand kids

"I really thought it was my grandma so I had to ask for a picture to make sure," Hinton told Mashable of the exchange. Grandma, of course, obliged.

Upon receiving confirmation (of what it seems like he had to already know), Hinton hilariously sent a selfie with the caption "you not my grandma" accompanied by a funny string of emojis.

Grandma goes viral texting a stranger instead of grand kids

But, he didn't let the awkwardness of this conversation stop him for asking for a plate. And, of course, she said yes -- because what grandma would say no? Grandmas are notoriously known for feeding everyone. We love them for that -- and they know it.

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Although they continued to chat more, Hilton completely failed to get her address, so he plans on getting those details soon because, as he confirmed with the Huffington Post, he is going to dinner.

Grandma goes viral texting a stranger instead of grand kids

Her agreeing to give the teenager a plate wasn't the only cardinal act of grandma-ing that she committed. The whole scenario is one that's not too hard for any of us to imagine our own iPhone-toting but not-so-technologically-savvy grandmas doing. In fact, we can anticipate this for the holidays as we visit them. Yep, if they're anything like mine (and I'm positive that they are), you'll be forced to show them how to use "The Facebook" --  and frankly, after this incident, we should all make it a point to teach them how to double-check the number in a text, especially in a group chat setting. 

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However, we must give credit where credit is due. The fact that she was able to take a selfie, form a group chat thread, and use emojis instead of manual emoticons -- it's more than I can say for some grandmas, including both of mine. So perhaps we should actually give them more credit. Who knows? One day we may be the ones our grandkids consider technological dinosaurs. 

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