Whoever Said This Awful 'Trans' Costume Was OK Doesn't Deserve Halloween

tranny Granny costume recalled
We understand that some people look to Halloween as an opportunity to lampoon political figures (we're sure there'll be no shortage of Hillary and Donald masks this month) and others in the public eye. But a few retailers have really missed the mark and gone too far with their getups this season. Walmart and Amazon just pulled costumes, insultingly dubbed "Tranny Granny," from their online stores after being called out for peddling these transphobic ensembles.


Just when you think some progress is being made, right? Last week a transgender child actor was featured in an episode of Modern Family, but this week it seems the world has gone backwards again with this poorly conceived costume. 

tranny Granny costume recalled

If you're asking yourself, "What could these retailers possibly have been thinking?" You're not alone.  

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In a statement made to LGBTQNation, Ravi Jariwala of Walmart Media Relations explained that the offensive costume came through a third party marketplace vendor. 

"While it's listed on other sites, it clearly violates our policy and was quickly removed once we were notified," Jariwala told LGBTQNation. "We're appalled this seller put it on our site to begin with.”

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The third party vendor, Rasta Imposta, has decided to rename the   costume -- which comes complete with dress, boob and butt pads, and a babushka -- "Manny Granny." A throwback name for an outfit that is far from novel ... and really just as awful.

We love seeing original costumes and having a laugh at someone's genuine creativity. Halloween is meant to be a fun holiday -- especially for kids -- and bigotry really has no place in any of it.


Image via Walmart

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