Vera Bradley's #ItsGoodtoBeaGirl Campaign Isn't Empowering Anyone

Vera Bradley campaign #itsgoodtobeagirlBag-maker Vera Bradley inadvertently touched a nerve with its new #itsgoodtobeagirl campaign. The purveyor of wildly patterned quilted purses supposedly took submissions from fans to spread a message of empowerment, but, thanks to some odd selections, it seems to have backfired. See exhibit A (above). Because, ladies, we are so much more than our lattes. (Sorry, Vera!) 


These ads, waxing poetic about gentlemen giving up their seats for us and extolling the virtues of lipstick, have been placed inside Manhattan subway cars. While they might be well-intentioned, it seems that unless the trains are traveling back to the 1950s, these attempts at ra-ra-sisterhood are hugely misguided and outdated.

The notion that this was an ill-conceived concept was not lost on anyone -- especially women, who took to Twitter to call out the manufacturer for undermining the message we should be sending young women (not girls): It's great to be a woman because we are strong; we are smart; and we are fierce, whether or not we are wearing lipstick. 

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The whole latte business in particular seemed to strike a chord on social media:

Good point. Surely, there had to be other submissions that illustrated the power and strength of women, right? 

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Being treated like a mindless mannequin who's valued for the cuteness of her tote or her devil-may-care attitude when it comes to ordering hot beverages just reminds us of the times #itsnotgoodtobeagirl, like:

-- When you're earning 73 cents for every dollar a man makes.

-- When a rapist spends less time in prison than a petty thief.

-- When you're running for president but you're still judged for your wardrobe.

It is great to be a woman, but not for the reasons shared in this campaign, which, if we're being honest, would garner an eye roll from Betty Draper.

If a company, founded and run by women, wants us to feel great about ourselves, we're all for it. But let's celebrate womanhood for all that we are, which is so much more than antiquated stereotypes.  


Image via verabradley / Instagram

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