13 Strange & Somewhat Inappropriate Places People Have Gone to Find Pokémon

Caroline Olney | Jul 11, 2016 Bizarre News

In case you've made it this far without being body slammed by a passerby trying to catch a Pikachu at your feet, you should know that Pokémon Go is officially a thing. And what a thing it is. The game essentially gets players to go outside and look for Pokémon, which hang out around town waiting to be caught. Once they're caught, the player can use them to battle other people's Pokémons and, you know, win. Or something.

Pokémon Go has been surprisingly great for a lot of reasons (namely, getting people outside who are normally averse to being there), but its sometimes hilarious (sometimes not) side effect is that people are chasing down Pokémon in weird and inappropriate places. Like in a wife's delivery room.

Here are the most inappropriate we've found, but God knows there will be more.


Image via Matthew Corley/Shutterstock

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