Like It or Not, This Texas Town's 'Selfie' Statue Kinda Represents All of Us

Selfie statue, Sugar Land texas

During the early stages of the selfie trend, there was much resistance and backlash -- perhaps even shame -- when caught in the act of snapping a selfie. However, more recently our society, including both those young and old(er) alike, has grown to accept this particular dynamic of today's culture. But not everyone is accepting the decision of those in the Texas town of Sugar Land, where, according to Dazed magazine, a bronze "selfie" statue was recently erected in its Town Square plaza in an effort to "support" and "enrich" the town's culture (and every other town's, obvi).


The sculpture was a donation from Sandy Levin, a town resident, and is only one in a series of statues to come that intends to capture "everyday activities that occur" among the good people of Sugar Land. 

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While Sugar Land's cultural art's manager, Lindsey Davis, hopes that people will get on board after the other nine statues in the series are erected, people are calling bullsh*t on this town donation ... because the statue features two teenage girls reaching out for a selfie next to city hall. 

However, cries of sexism aside, I think this town may be on the right side of history and has the right idea. Sure we wish that the statue was a historical figure snapping a selfie instead, since the essence of a statue is usually far more relevant when it is of a prominent figure, but that doesn't change the fact that the selfie will indeed go down in history.

Believe it or not, I recall learning about the first camera and the evolution of cameras in one of my high school history classes. That said, frontal cameras, selfie sticks, and the selfie itself are a part of the timeline that has, like it or not, changed American history. For better or worse, that's our history.

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Not saying this won't be cramped onto the bottom of the textbook pages in one of those "Did you know?" sections that are for sh*ts and giggles, but it will definitely be in there. 

So, certainly you can see how this may be a monument worth having, as it perfectly captures the essence of this time and who many of us are during our free time. 

Image via Alexis Burrman/Twitter

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