Airline Turned Fashion Police Tells Passenger Her Short Shorts Are Inappropriate

jetblue asks passenger to wear different shortsRegardless of the length of your flight, when you board an airplane you usually want to be comfortable. That means different things to different people. A Logan airport gate agent asked a passenger wearing short shorts to change before boarding a JetBlue flight bound for Seattle. Huh?


Maggie McMuffin, a burlesque dancer, spoke with KIRO7 in Seattle and said that she "felt very disrespected" as a result of the last-minute wardrobe-change request. Go figure! Imagine how embarrassing it would be to be called out in front of all your fellow passengers.

Geez, it takes a lot to travel these days. Between showing multiple forms of ID, removing your shoes, and watching screeners toss your contact lens solution, you'd think by the time you've made it to the gate, you'd be good to go. Not so! Check out this photo of Maggie's outfit, shared by her friend, and see if you think the gate agent made the right call:

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It's usually pretty chilly inside an airplane, so I take one look at McMuffin and get goosebumps. But am I offended? Not at all.

Obviously, she didn't want to miss her flight, so the dancer found herself combing the airport shops for a pair of longer shorts. Can you even make this up?

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After she purchased a $22 pair with a few inches of additional material, McMuffin was allowed to take her seat. Bizarre, right?

Well, after the incident was made public, the airline went ahead and reimbursed McMuffin for the cost of those shorts and offered her a $200 voucher. That's nice and all, but should McMuffin be ready to fly bundled in a parka or a beekeeper's suit if she decides to use that certificate? Probably. The airline told KIRO7 that it stands behind its crew's decision.

This isn't the 1950s when people would get all gussied up for air travel. When you purchase a ticket it doesn't come with a mandatory dress code statement, so we definitely think this agent overstepped.


Images via ALEKSEI SEMYKIN/Shutterstock

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