How to Make a Baby & Other Burning Questions Americans in Each State Google

Oftentimes I find myself keeping my phone nearby -- not because I have nudes or anything of that nature, but mostly because some of the sh*t I google is interesting to say the least. There are no bounds to the things that I've asked Google in the comfort of the cyber world (though I'm well aware that nothing is all that private) -- whether it's a medical diagnosis or just piqued curiosity -- even though some of you might silently (or maybe not so silently) judge me if you were truly able to go through my search history. However, my questions are starting to seem, well, normal, now that a data sampling conducted by Estately found these commonly asked questions in each of the 50 states.


How did they do this? The were able to use the Google autocomplete to find what Americans type into the search engine most. However, they make it clear that their research doesn't exactly show what each state searches the most, but what they search more commonly than other states do. And, you should check out the complete list because this map only shows one commonly asked question per state. Behold:

Google Map

As you can see, the results are interesting. We pulled out 11 questions -- from the scary to the outlandish -- that came from this data. And we must warn that some of these are downright nuts. 

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1. How to move to Canada

Donald Trump is going to be the reason the housing market starts booming again, with America (especially Montana, according to the data) running scared. 

2. How to make meth?

I won't even ask, but know that meth kills, kids -- so just say no. We're looking at you, Kansas.

3. Where is Waldo?

Good question, Colorodo, but we don't have the answer either. So, Waldo, if you're reading this, please know: You can run but you can't hide, damn it. We'll find you one day.

4. Where is the Internet?

Hmm, Texans ask not "what" but "where"? So, I'll tell you like Dr. Suess would've told me, had he still been with us: The Internet is here, the Internet is there, the Internet is everywhere.

Carry on, now.


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5. How to get away with murder

Umm, I'd like to believe this has a ton to do with the ABC show How to Get Away with Murder, but I get the feeling that it doesn't -- and that just gives me the creeps. Don't think we're going to Delaware any time soon.

6. Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?

Damn it, I knew he reminded me of someone. No, totally kidding, but truly this question asked frequently in Idaho speaks volumes.

7. Am I a psycho?

I can't front like I don't ask myself this question a bajillion times a day, but when other people ask (and google it!), I have to raise a brow and wonder what the people of Missouri have done that makes them wonder. 

Basically, there's only room in this world for one potential psycho and that's me.

8. How to make a baby?

Certainly hope this is being asked by a sh*t ton of kids, because I hate to imagine the sex life of an adult who has to ask this question.  Looks like Kentucky is not the state for lovers.

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9. What is the clap?

I know it's not a fair answer to a question -- but who's teaching sex ed in Tennessee (where this question was often asked)? I guess it never hurts to be informed, right? 

10. What is O.P.P.?

Own personal property, er, something else -- this is the age-old debate since Naughty by Nature dropped this hit. Perhaps it's not a debate. Perhaps my mother just gave me the Kidz Bop–esque version all these years. 

Nonetheless, I'm certain it's still up for debate. We're not shaming you, Illinois.

11. Why is my poop green? 

You're not alone, my friend in South Dakota -- the mysterious world of poop pigment has often left me curious, too. We are wondering what you're eating, though.

Now, carry on with your Google search.

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