Meteorologist's On-Air Shoulder Shaming Is an Embarrassment for Everyone

meteorologist on-air shaming No one wants to be embarrassed at work. Now imagine having it play out in front of a large viewing audience? TV station KTLA's meteorologist Liberté Chan was forced into a sweater in the middle of her broadcast after viewers -- and apparently her colleague -- were offended by her simple, black tank dress, in a classic case of "I'm sorry, what decade is this?"


Watch as Chan is basically swaddled by weekend anchor Chris Burrous, who says the station was receiving a lot of emails about her dress.

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Okay, so maybe she looks more like she's headed out to a cocktail party or wedding, but still, there's nothing remotely inappropriate about her dress. And, she looks stunning.

What boggles our minds -- more than the fact that viewers are wasting precious time in their days to write in about it -- is the fact that her colleague ends up treating her like he's a 1950s dad chaperoning a dance. Sir, you're demeaning her and enabling these wacky viewers. What if next they want her covered from head to toe -- will you oblige?

Let's hope he did it as a tongue-in-cheek gesture. Sure, you have to "keep the customers" happy, but this is ridiculous. Maybe by forcing her to put on an oversized cardigan that even Mr. Rogers might find a little shabby was Burrous's way of mocking viewers.

The network is fortunate that Chan handled this bizarre incident with such casual grace rather than flipping out. The woman is trying to do her job, and treating her like she's dressed inappropriately completely undermines her ability to do it.

Because of the incident, Chan was compelled to share that she'd had another outfit planned that day but because it didn't work with the green screen, she had to go to this backup dress.

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Imagine how creepy it would be if you're at your desk wearing a tank dress and suddenly a coworker offers you a sweater and tells you that the team from accounting is offended by your shoulders? So strange!

We admire Chan for taking it so well and even explaining that she did not mean any offense to librarians once she was bundled into her cardigan. She's a darn good sport and a professional that station is fortunate to have, no matter what she's wearing.


Images via LiberteChan KTLA 5/Facebook

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