Mom's Surprise Visit to Her Daughter's Dorm Becomes an Epic Viral #Fail

McKenna and Deanna Piller

Growing up, it seemed that our parents enjoyed embarrassing us at any chance that they got -- showing off old baby pictures, wearing sneakers with their business attire (after a long day), and accidentally liking photos while the two of you are poking around on Insta. The list is infinite. However, even with all of the hilariously embarrassing things you can imagine your mom doing, this woman's #MomFail certainly takes the cake. After flying in for a surprise visit to see her 18-year-old daughter McKenna, Deanna Pilling found herself snuggled up in a bed that wasn't her daughter's -- and in the wrong dorm room. And her mistake has gone viral.


After sending a surprise selfie and a quick text to her daughter, Pilling quickly discovered that the cozy bed she was lying in -- while waiting for her daughter -- belonged to a stranger. Pilling was understandably mortified after making the discovery.

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"I felt sick to my stomach because I've already said hi to several people in the dorm and they probably have no idea who I was," she told Good Morning America. Her mistake was innocent, though, as she explained to Today: "Instead of standing there and waiting, I thought, 'Oh what a comfortable bed. I'll lay on it and wait for her.' Every dorm room looked exactly the same. In my mind, I was perfectly confident this was her bed."

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Of course, if you're anything like us, you probably imagined all of the extreme scenarios that this could've resulted in had the unsuspecting student who actually lived there walked back in her room -- like, say, a restraining order. Fortunately, while this wasn't her daughter's room, it turned out to be a friend's room (the girl recognized her linens in McKenna's post, duh, and we hope she is laughing).

Nonetheless, "Momma Pilling" is doing just fine and has embraced the 15 minutes of fame that come along with going viral. As Deanna is a "funny" and "quirky" mother (as her daughter described her to Today), this probably won't be the last embarrassing offense in McKenna's lifetime. Even McKenna can attest to that, having said, "I thought she was such a dork and it's just something she would do." Our advice might be for this mom to lay off the selfies (note to future self).


Image via kennapilling/Twitter

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