Cop Spies on Mom Breastfeeding Nude -- by Hacking Her Baby Monitor

cop spies nude mom on baby monitor

Baby video monitors are designed to give parents peace of mind as they watch their little ones at rest. But what happened to one new mom has probably left her wishing she'd never used the device in the first place. A Michigan police officer who'd gotten hold of Megan Pearce's fiancé's cell phone was watching her breastfeed her baby in the nude through her video monitor.


We've all heard stories of people overhearing their neighbors' conversations, babies, and barking dogs through those monitors, but this is horrifying, right?

So, just how did Michael Emmi, the cop in question, get his hands on that phone? Pearce's fiancé had been charged with marijuana possession and his phone had been siezed. Just a day after his arrest, Megan noticed the green light on her Nest Cam baby monitor pop on, indicating someone was monitoring her and her child. So creepy.

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As part of their daily routine, Pearce would take a bath with her child before nursing him and putting him to sleep. Knowing it had to be someone in possession of her fiancé's phone who was doing the peeping, Pearce activated the "find my phone" feature and was led to Emmi.

As you'd imagine, this 28-year-old mom is pretty shaken up and fears that footage of her will find its way onto the Internet. She's filed a lawsuit against Emmi, a 15-year veteran of the Hazel Park police force. You can't blame her. Talk about an invasion of privacy! What's also disturbing is that this officer knew the woman was home alone, and if he caught on to the fact that she did the same thing every day, who knows when or how this might have ended?

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You have to give this mom credit for being aware of that green light -- especially when she could've easily overlooked it given that she has a baby and a fiancé facing legal troubles.

Also impressive is the fact that she was able to catch the creep spying on her. It serves as a great reminder that if you're going to have high-tech gadgets, you'd better know exactly how to use them and, more importantly, how to prevent others from accessing them!


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