'Barbie Savior' Instagram Account Will Make You Rethink Your Do-Gooder Selfies

Savior Barbia via Instagram

Instagram users have been known to think up all sorts of parody accounts, from Honesty NYC Barbie and Socality Barbie to the latest, Barbie Savior. All are equally hilarious thanks to their brutal honesty. However, "White Barbie Savior" may just be stepping on some toes with its refusal to hold back -- and, truth be told, we love it. In case you've yet to see the account, it's a parody that both hilariously and ingeniously mocks those with a bad go of "white savior complex." It's a necessary truth, and we're just happy that someone finally said what many of us have been thinking forever. 


The fact that the page creators wished to remain anonymous during their interview with the Huffington Post probably has something to do with the fact that they were partly inspired by reflecting upon their past actions as volunteers. One of the creators spoke honestly during the interview, explaining, "We have both struggled with our own realizations and are definitely not claiming innocence here," adding, "Barbie Savior, we hope, is an entertaining jumping-off point for some very real discussions, debates, and resolves."

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But, don't be too alarmed when scrolling through these images. While the creators found inspo in themselves, much to our relief, they were "never as 'Savioresque' as Barbie Savior."

We are SO thankful for our recent $100,000 donation! We thought it most prudent to spent 60% of it on this baby! I truly believe the designer pink will propel our ministry forward in a way a typical drab color could not. SO blessed!!!! Now we can collect those tears faster then ever! Or was it teach? Or give out shoes? Whatevs. We can do what we feel is necessary faster than ever!!! #4wheelfashion #cruzinforabruisin #zoomaluyah #driven4him #fourwheeldrivesavior #cruisincrusader #wheelinanddealin #dealinlovethatis #allidoiswinwinwin #iwouldwalk500miles #butletsberealidratherdrive #blessed #lowridinsavin #givemethattoottoot #givemethatbeepbeep #myremixtoignition #hotNfreshonmymission #itsthefreakinweekendbabyimabouttosavemesomechildren #bouncebouncebounce

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This fact merely adds to our love of Barbie Savior even more. Life is all about growth -- and taking ownership for past actions is, ultimately, a part of that growth. The fact that these young women were brave enough to poke fun at themselves while trying to educate others is great.

Of course, this is not to point fingers at all volunteers, as we're all aware that there are people who make great contributions through their efforts. And that's nothing short of amazing. Really.

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However, we have to take into account the fact that there are disingenuous people who tote little African children around like their latest accessories. In fact, the creators didn't hold back with their disclaimer, reminding those who dare to speak hypocritically:

If you're offended by the account then you'd better be offended by the real accounts who actually display this behavior in all authenticity. That is the real offense.

These people -- the people that the page mocks -- constantly post their efforts to social media, unknowingly disparaging and exploiting the country and sometimes its people all in the name of humblebragging via social media. These people have got the "white savior complex" bad, and it seems that Barbie Savior's bio might just be the perfect mantra for them: "It's not about me ... but it kind of is." 

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And as hilarious as the page is, the reality sucks because these kids deserve someone who genuinely has their best interests at heart. 

So we're hoping that this page was enough to call out those who act as such (you know who you are) and shut them down in a not-so-serious manner, because not many take well to being criticized.

Image via barbiesavior/Instagram

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