Teacher Calls Muslim Student a 'Terrorist' Proving Schools Aren't Free of Ignorance

Teacher calls student terroristSounds like this teacher could use some sensitivity training -- or just a clue about what is and isn't an appropriate way to speak to children. Seventh-grader Waleed Abushaaban, who attends middle school in Fort Bend County, Texas, says his teacher called him a "terrorist" during class. Can you even imagine?


Needless to say, this student's parents are outraged. Terrorism is nothing to joke about -- especially in front of children -- let alone accuse someone of. The 12-year-old Muslim honor student was naturally upset and felt as if his classmates were all staring at him.

Well, of course they were! If kids hear an authority figure say a terrorist is in their midst, it's only logical that they're going to gawk and probably ostracize that student -- if not do something worse.

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Thankfully, the district has removed the English and Language Arts teacher while it investigates. Though their son will remain enrolled in the school, the Abushaaban family would like to see this teacher fired and is encouraging the district to pursue religious sensitivity training for both students and teachers.

Especially in light of the recent horrific attacks in Brussels and Paris, you'd think this instructor would recognize the cruelty and absurdity of making a statement like this. 

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Freedom of religion is one of the founding principles of our nation. For an educator to turn a student's beliefs into a reason to mock or bully him should be grounds for dismissal. We hope Waleed's classmates recognize their teacher's ignorance and can learn to not repeat this mistake in their own lives. Still, it's an ugly lesson at an innocent student's expense.


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