First Graders' Cruel Plan to Poison Classmate Stopped by Fellow Students

first graders want to poison classmateYou won't believe what these elementary school students were planning during their lunch break. Three first graders in Anchorage, Alaska, were plotting to poison their classmate, and what they intended to use to carry out the heinous act was actually found in their lunches.


According to a letter to parents sent by the principal at Winterberry Charter School, two other students came forward to expose the plan, which involved using silica gel packets from the students' lunchtime seaweed to poison and seriously harm another student.

Who would even think of something like that? Anchorage Police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said the students brought the packets, which are clearly marked "do not consume," to school and intended to put them in their classmate's lunch.

Fortunately the plot wasn't carried out, and while these packets are non-toxic, according to a Poison Control Center, they are not meant to be consumed and can pose a choking risk.

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What's shocking is that these children are so young to be plotting such a cruel act. And who would even think about poisoning a fellow student? You have to wonder if this is something they saw on television or heard about from an older student. No charges were made against the students, but the trio received "significant consequences," according to their principal.

Let's hope these youngsters are made to understand the severity of their plans and get the help they need before we're reading about them plotting larger-scale tragedies in the future. While they're too young to truly understand the consequences of their actions, their intentions certainly should be a wake-up call for their parents.


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