Uber-Creepy Uber Driver Follows Woman Inside for Hug, Comes Back to 'Cuddle'

Welp, here goes my weekend plans of getting my drink on and Ubering home. An Omaha woman has been granted a restraining order against an Uber driver who basically terrified her after a drive home. 


The 29-year-old woman was dropped off at her home Tuesday and the driver tried to follow her inside and go in for a hug. He also returned the next day and stared at her house during a snowstorm, then tried to open her front door. Because the door was (thankfully!) locked, he left her a creepy, creepy note instead: 

I’ve thought a lot about you all day now, and loved having you in my car. Even tho i’m older than you ... hugging you on your stairs ... (I wanted to do that again as soon as i left) seeing how pretty you were once the lights were on! Yummy! ... all I could think about was turning out all the lights and snuggling with you under a blankie while a storm raged outside.

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YIPES. And double yipes. The creepy dude also left his email and phone number, as if she would actually take him up on his cuddle offer. Granted, we don't hear scary car-service stories like this that that often, but this would for sure put me off on ordering a car if anything like it ever happened to me. 


Image via © Imaginechina/Corbis 

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