Baby Thought to Be Dead 'Came Back to Life' Just Before Cremation

Crematorium interior

Some stories are so chilling, they take more than a moment for you to recover. Thankfully, this one has a happy ending, but it will likely make all the hairs on your body stand ... for a very long time. A Chinese father has been reunited with his baby son, who was almost cremated because everyone thought he was dead.


I can't even!!!

The baby, who was born in the Chinese province Zhejiang, was premature -- and after spending close to a month inside an incubator, he was finally allowed to go home with Dad. Sadly, baby's health began to fail, resulting in his heading back to the hospital. Doctors eventually pronounced him dead when they thought his heart stopped beating.

After spending 15 hours inside the cold morgue (temps were somewhere around -12 Celsius), the seemingly deceased newborn was just about ready to be cremated ... until a worker heard murmurs, alerting that the baby was in fact alive.

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As a mother of two little children, I find it hard to even look at a story like this. I can't refuse to imagine what would've happened to this sweet child if the worst happened. My God ...

In case you're wondering, employees at the crematorium notified Dad, and the child was taken to the hospital (he's in critical care).

And you want to know something else? Dad's decision to bundle his "deceased" baby in layers of clothing and a heavy bag likely helped to save his life.

This story is one of those unthinkable events that is nothing short of a miracle.

Thank goodness this newborn didn't freeze to death inside the morgue. And thank goodness a worker heard his moans before trying to cremate him.


Okay, I can't think about this anymore. Where are my babies? I need to kiss them.



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