Woman Hangs Chandelier From Her Vagina -- and You Can, Too

This has got to be the most bizarre thing I've seen in a while, and I make my living scouring the Internet on a daily basis for interesting randomness. Kim Anami is a vaginal fitness guru, and she claims that strength-training your lady parts can lead to the best sex of your life.


Yup, vaginal weightlifting is a real thing, and Anami doesn't want you to knock it until you've tried it. She's a holistic sex and relationship expert, and she claims that her Vaginal Kung Fu is based on "ancient Taoist practices women used 5,000 years ago to strengthen the pelvic floor and increase sexual pleasure."

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This goes far beyond your standard Kegels, to say the least. For one, you can't do it in public (oh please don't do this in public), and two, it involves props. Anami uses a jade egg, which is tied to a string and then inserted in the vagina. On the other end is ... well, whatever you can tie to the other end and compel your vajayjay to lift.

You know, like a chandelier.

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Or possibly a pineapple, for the less ambitious.

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How about a replica of the Holy Grail?

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It might be awhile before you can work up to a surfboard though. That's, like, pro-level of vaginal weightlifting.

So why try this? Anami says that it makes sex fabulous. On a recent blog post on her website, she wrote, "If the vagina is strong and articulate, a woman's sexual energy is flowing optimally and infuses its power and glow into every part of her life ... A strong vagina fixes all."

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Hey, it might be worth a shot, right? Who doesn't like mind-blowing sex? And in case you're still not quite sure how to get started ... here's a handy-dandy how-to video from BuzzFeed. Don't worry -- there's no nudity involved. Just a lot of talk about vaginas.


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