Bernie Sanders Supporters' Pick-Up Lines Are Too Hot for Tinder to Handle

If you think Tinder is used for just hooking up, then you are sorely mistaken, especially if you are #FeelinTheBern during this 2106 presidential election. In fact, two women are so hot for Bernie Sanders, they have been banned from Tinder for using the app to campaign for their man.


The women, one from New Jersey and one from Iowa, had their accounts locked because they sent too many men messages from Tinder asking them to vote for Bernie Sanders. One of the women had more than 300 men reply to her. Some were even on the receiving end of messages asking them to text a number that would sign them up for Bernie campaign updates.

But these aren't the only two lovely ladies using the hookup, er dating, app for things other than hooking up, because there is an entire Facebook group of people trying to get Tinder users to #FeeltheBern. 

This gentleman seemed nice. His suitor, though, was a bit preachy.

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This dude was on the receiving end of a pretty good comeback line.

Yeah, this guy gets polite points for this obvious canvasing attempt.



I'm sorry, but this is a pretty adorable way to meet a potential date. Not that we're at all advocating solicitation on a dating site, but you are getting those pesky awkward political conversations out of the way before you even hook up. 


Images via © Porter Gifford/Corbis; Bernie Sanders' Dank Tinder Conversations / Facebook

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