Crazy Old Bastard Fakes Marriage to 'Wife' of 20 Years So She Doesn't Get His $$$

You have to be kidding me! A man secretly divorced his wife mere months after their wedding -- and then they lived together as a married couple for the next two decades. He reportedly did it to protect his assets, and she only recently learned the truth about their marital status.


The well-to-do couple lived as man and wife, raised a son together, and split time between their homes in New York, France, and Massachusetts. Cristina Carta Villa, 59, was completely in the dark that her husband, Gabriel Villa, 90, divorced her four months after their 1994 New York ceremony.

Gabriel used lawyers in the Dominican Republic to secure the divorce, and Cristina is now suing to nullify the legal split she never even knew happened.

Although Cristina considered it to be a "great love," Gabriel said in the Dominican divorce paperwork that his wife was "unbearable." Cristina told the New York Post, "Gabriel is a very charismatic man, strong, intelligent and very charming. I think we could say I was a loving and caring wife and mother."

Yeah, he'd have to be charismatic to pull off that kind of fraud! Even though he tried to secretly divorce her, they lived as a married couple. She was even by his side when he was in the hospital -- and he trusted her enough to make her his health-care proxy and give her power of attorney. Hardly the stuff of divorced couples.

She only learned that she might not actually be married to the love of her life last November, when a tax bill arrived for their one-bedroom Manhattan apartment and her name wasn't on it. After hiring a lawyer to investigate, she discovered that Gabriel had tried to remove her name from the deed, citing the divorce record as evidence that she was not a legal owner.

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Cristina was understandably upset, and confessed to the Post, "I realize now that during all these years of joy and happiness, and of difficult moments we shared together, my husband lied to me and had the Dominican divorce on the back of his mind. It's what is hurting me the most."

How does someone even live with a lie that big for so long? Cristina believes that greed was the motivating factor, and that her husband wants to sell the approximately $1.4 million apartment to his daughter from a previous relationship.

I refuse to believe that a judge would uphold a divorce that happened 20 years ago without the consent or knowledge of one of the parties, when the couple then continued to live as partners, even raising a child together. This is such a fraud, and my heart breaks for the emotional pain she must be feeling right now. Divorce is hard enough ... but to realize your spouse has been living such a major lie for so many years must be devastating. I'm #TeamCristina all the way on this one.


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