Guy Who Says Pregnant Women Don't Belong on TV Gets Schooled in the Best Way

When a pregnant TV sports reporter dared to show up and do her job, one viewer was so appalled by her belly, he wrote into TV Guide to ask who was responsible for putting such an "eyesore" on the air. He's a jerk, no doubt, but her response is straight class.


Jenny-May Coffin covers sports for TVNZ in New Zealand and happens to also be pregnant with twins. So just to be clear, everything Coffin's male colleagues do, she's doing while schlepping around two extra people. Just sayin'.

So Coffin's just going about her business when New Zealand's TV Guide published this unbelievable letter from John A. Rook, a 69-year-old father of three. In it, he says he has: problem with seeing pregnant women in normal [emphasis mine] situations or places, but to have them remain on TV in a state which I feel is embarrassing and an eyesore?

Perhaps Rook needs to spend a little extra time examining his own embarrassing behavior, but that's really beside the point. Here's the whole icky note.

The letter understandably drew some pretty harsh criticism from women all over social media, prompting Rook to apologize and admit he's "out of touch."

Which yes, yes he is.

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But it was the response from Coffin -- who is on Facebook under her married name, Clarkson -- that gave a little grace and dignity to the whole ugly mess.

Here's my favorite part:

As a heavily pregnant woman I struggle with my own demons about my body changing shape, but I choose to stay in front of the camera to encourage others to be proud of the job that we are doing -- creating life.

This doesn't just give every mom who's ever stuffed herself into her too-tight work clothes and dragged her big, pregnant self to work a reason to stand up and cheer. Coffin is setting an example for girls everywhere about what a working pregnant mother looks -- and acts -- like. And it's really awesome. Maybe her response will give some other pregnant TV sports reporter in the future a little more confidence on camera -- no matter how many babies she happens to be baking at the time.

So TV Guide, which chose to publish this silly letter, got what they wanted -- attention. The fact that Coffin chose to use what was probably a totally humiliating moment to lift up other women is just the very best kind of example of how a pregnant woman handles herself at work -- like a total boss.


Image via ONE News/TVNZ

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