Uber Driver Who Refused to Drive a Woman in Labor Is a Total Jerk

What a jerk! A New York City Uber driver recently refused to drive a pregnant woman in labor to the hospital, and then charged her and her husband $13 for arguing about whether or not he'd transport them. Who does that? This guy, apparently.


First-time parents David Lee and his wife (who declined to be named) went into labor early, so they called for the birthing coach as well as an Uber to take all three of them to the hospital, a mere three miles away.

When the driver got there, however, he witnessed Mom being sick on the sidewalk and said he wouldn't drive them because he could lose $1,000 a day if she vomited in the car. Even though the birth coach assured him that she wouldn't be sick again, he still refused. And then he charged the couple $13 for the time spent arguing about it.

A small part of me gets the driver's hesitation, but how could anyone with a conscience leave a pregnant woman in labor stranded on the sidewalk? It's not like he couldn't pull over if she felt like she was going to be sick again, or ride with the window down. Something!

Thankfully they tried again for another Uber and got a driver with a soul who drove them to the hospital, where Mom gave birth to a healthy baby boy a few hours later.

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But Lee was obviously still upset that he was treated so poorly by the first driver, and became even more frustrated when he issued a complaint with Uber. The company refused to give him the last name of the driver, or even acknowledge any wrongdoing. Lee was able to find the driver's name in an emailed receipt though, to pursue a complaint with New York’s taxi regulator.

Maybe the driver shouldn't have charged him that $13. Was it really worth it, dude? Especially since Uber did finally refund Lee the amount.

What a crappy way to begin your whole birth experience. I hope they're able to shake it off and view it as a funny story that happened to them. Because no one deserves to be treated that way -- least of all women busy bringing new life into the world.


Image via © Heide Benser/Corbis

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