App Claims to Translate Your Baby's Cry -- But Isn't That a Parent's Job?

crying baby

Imagine it is 2 AM. You are finally asleep, and then your 2-week-old baby begins to cry. As you struggle to wake up, you know exactly what you need to do: grab your smart phone and enter data into an app to determine exactly why she is crying. Wait, what?



Yes, for a mere $2.99, you can download an app created by researchers at the National Taiwan University Hospital Yunklin that is designed to allow you to record the sound of your baby's cry so that it can be analyzed. Once analyzed -- something that the app creators say takes about 15 seconds -- the app will tell you if the baby is crying because he or she is hungry, sleepy, in pain, or has a soiled diaper.

According to the researchers, the app is up to 92% accurate for infants under two weeks old but less accurate as the baby gets older.

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You know what I've always found to be 100% accurate? Actually picking up my crying child, checking her diaper, and then popping her onto the breast for a feeding. And I'm pretty sure I could get that going in less than 30 seconds, no technology required.

I'm all for technology that makes parenting easier (bless the iPad that comes along with us on long car rides), but this just seems like way more trouble than it is worth. What if you forget your phone in the other room or the battery is dead? Who even has time for an extra step?

I think one of the biggest learning curves to having a infant, especially for first time parents, is knowing to trust your own instincts. I can't help but wonder if apps like this will actually lead to it taking longer to feel like you know, all on your own, what your baby needs.

I think I'll stick to apps that involve crushing candy.


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