Smart Victim Calls 911 When Predator Forces Her to Call Boyfriend During Attack

This lady is one smart cookie. A rape victim was heinously forced to call her boyfriend to listen to the attack, but she wisely called 911 instead. The emergency operator later admitted that her quick wits probably kept her alive.


This Clayton County, Georgia, woman somehow managed to keep her wits about her when she was attacked in the back of an adult entertainment store early on Monday.

According to police reports, predator Robert Giles, 27, asked the woman to call her boyfriend, so he could listen to him assaulting her. Is that beyond sick or what? But instead of calling her beau, this lady dialed 911.

Thankfully, another quick-witted soul picked up the emergency call, and played along on her behalf, while working behind the scenes to apprehend the criminal. Clayton County police Major Joe Woodall confirmed, "It was quick thinking on his behalf. In fact, (it) might have saved her life."

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Officials say that Giles kidnapped the victim and brought her to Starship Novelties and Gifts store in the wee hours of Monday morning, and allegedly demanded that she call her boyfriend so he could hear the attack.

When she called 911, the woman "explained to [the operator] what the perpetrator had told her; that he was wanting him to listen while she was being raped."

The cops were able to catch the criminal in the act, and now he faces rape, false imprisonment, and obstruction charges. It sucks so much that this woman went through what she did, but thanks to her quick-thinking, at least she still has her life to live.


Image via © 2/David Fischer/Ocean/Corbis

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