The Internet Is Freaking Out About How Dogs Should Wear Pants (Yes, Really)

dog in pantsThis year couldn't end without one more major controversy, and here it is: If dogs wore pants, how would they wear them? No, seriously -- this debate is currently blowing up the internet, even though there's clearly only one correct answer.


Not sure what that answer would be? Well, take a look at this illustration and see which makes more sense:

The one on the right!!! The one on the right, people. THE ONE ON THE RIGHT. Pants are there to cover the lower half of an upright body. If a dog stands up, his hind legs are the LOWER half of his body. In the image on the left, the dog is wearing pants on what would be his arms! Nobody wears pants on their arms!! Anybody who's ever seen a cartoon knows how dog pants are supposed to look. Does Goofy wear pants on his arms? No, of course he doesn't. And if Pluto wore pants, he wouldn't wear them on his arms, either. (Why Goofy wears pants and Pluto does not is another question for another day.)

Still, people can't seem to agree on this seemingly obvious issue. The Twitter post above has currently been retweeted over 30,000 times, with users fiercely divided over the puzzle. And while most agree that the right side is, well, the RIGHT side, there were some dissenters:

Come on, really?! Look, they even SELL dog pants and they do NOT look like the ones on the left. See??

dog pants

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Yeah, so, there you have it. And if you have a dog, for the love of god, please don't design him a pair of four-legged pants to make a point. Your dog will hate them. He will hate them so much! 

Now let's get back to debating the important issues, like dress colors and where that pesky panda is hiding. (Um, in plain sight!) 


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