San Francisco Is Officially Sick of Graffiti Promoting Justin Bieber’s Album

Yet another reason why Justin Bieber is the worst person ever. The pop star's marketing stunt in San Francisco has all the neighbors mad at him for the graffiti covering their sidewalks.


As part of a guerrilla marketing tactic, the Biebs used graffiti to promote his album Purpose on the streets of the City bay the Bay. Apparently, the stuff isn't washing off, even after multiple rainstorms.

Ugh! After multiple complaints from residents, City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent a letter to Def Jam Records and Universal Music Group this week, and demanded that they cooperate to "identify and punish those responsible" for the tagging.

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Herrara also pointed out in his letter that the graffiti "illegally exploits our city's walkable neighborhoods and robust tourism; intentionally creates visual distractions that pose risks to pedestrians on busy rights of way; and irresponsibly tells our youth that likeminded lawlessness and contempt for public property are condoned and encouraged."

To which I have to say -- if you're looking at the sidewalks while walking the streets of San Francisco instead of enjoying the stunning views, you should probably reevaluate your life choices.

Regardless, this seems to be one more time that Justin Bieber decided to be Justin Bieber, without care to how his actions might affect others. I'd personally like to see him ordered to clean up the mess himself. Dream big, or go home.


Image via Abramowicz/London Ent

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