'Affluenza' Teen Is Caught -- But Not Before His 'Going Away Party' With Mom

And now in news that might make you throw up in your mouth a little, the teen who claimed "affluenza" caused him to have no regret about killing four people in a drunk-driving crash has finally been caught. Apparently Ethan Couch and his mother fled to Mexico -- after they had a "going away party" for him.


He fled from the law and the lightest of possible juvi sentences with a going away party. I can't even with the entitlement.

The Texas teenager used "affluenza" as his defense for killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving crash. Apparently, he was so spoiled from growing up with rich parents, he was unable to really understand the consequences of mowing over and killing four other human beings.

Side note: I just told my 12-year-old about this case because she asked and it's insane. I told her that his lawyer argued that he was so entitled that he has had no sense of right or wrong, and her deadpan response was, "It's about time he learned." Amen.

Anyway, the 18-year-old fled the country after a warrant requested that he be taken into custody in mid-December. It came after photos emerged of him allegedly drinking alcohol at a party.

He was found in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta, where he was enjoying the life alongside his mom, who has clearly done him a disfavor in raising him. So much so that she apparently threw him a "going away party" before they fled the country together.

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They were captured by Mexican authorities this week, and the mom is looking at charges of "hindering apprehension under Texas law."

The whole situation is totally messed up. This kid obviously has no remorse, and his parents are just encouraging it. It sucks that he is in the juvenile system, which means he's only going to be forced to spend up to four months in jail.

Affluenza or not, this kid has some serious entitlement issues. Anyone else want his parents to go to jail alongside him? Maybe that should be the punishment for affluenza.


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