'Hoverboard Fails' May Have You Rethinking That Christmas Gift (VIDEOS)

Hoverboards were the Christmas gift to have this year, even though they totally don't actually hover, and are prone to catching fire. But they quickly became hazards as people all over the country fell on their butts trying to zoom these babies around.


In fact, so many people got injured by falling off hoverboards that someone ingeniously created a Twitter account to capture all the hoverboard fails.

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OK, I admit that it's hard not to laugh at Darth Vader wheeling himself into a wall, but dang, that must've hurt!

Thankfully it seems that more adults than kids are getting hurt with these things. It doesn't look like anyone's going to be hurting themselves on this one after it took a swim in the pool. Thank goodness she didn't bang her noggin and fall in!

Of course you can't blame the hoverboard for knocking the tree over if you're going to use it like that.

But kids are getting hurt, too. This poor guy probably needs an ice pack and a Popsicle.

Bottom line -- if your kid got a hoverboard for Christmas, you might want to wrap them up in bubble-wrap before sending them out to play. Or at least slap a helmet on them. Skinned knees heal, but head injuries are nothing to mess around with.


Image via © Richard Levine/Demotix/Corbis

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