Mom of Disabled 5-Year-Old Gets Told Off for Using Handicap Parking

This is rather upsetting. A mom with a severely disabled daughter was recently left a nasty note on her windshield for using a handicap parking spot. The family went out to dinner in Atlanta, Georgia, and when they returned to their legally parked car, they were shocked by what some stranger had the nerve to do.


Alyssa Steele said that she found a note scrawled on a paper napkin shoved in her windshield. It read, "You are not handicapped. You are a sorry sack of sh*t. Merry Christmas! I have reported your license tag to Cobb Sheriff’s Dept."

Steele told the local news, "It's really sad that people can be so quick to judge others. I don't understand how they felt it was their place to say anything let alone how they phrased what they said."

Her 5-year-old daughter suffers from a Chiari malformation, which causes part of her brain to come out of her skull. She needs to be on oxygen, and she wears a helmet and leg braces. How anyone could think this type of disability doesn't warrant handicap parking is beyond me.

What is wrong with some people? Even if this kiddo didn't have a visible health condition, that's not for another person to judge. You can't always know someone's health status or impairments just by looking at him or her.

The fact that this happened during holidays sucks even more. Somebody sure sounds like a Scrooge.

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Steele said that wants to "change the situation," and "spread awareness to other people who are struggling with disabilities that are not seen to the eye."

Seriously, people, get with it. Don't jump all over someone without knowing his or her story. Judging people without cause never does anyone any favors.


Image via © Najlah Feanny/Corbis

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