Teacher's Aide Sleeps With 13-Year-Old Boy She Taught in Preschool

Save all the elbows and winks and jokes about how "lucky" a kid is who sleeps with an older woman in a position of authority. A 45-year-old teacher's aide who has sex with a 15-year-old kid is a predator and should have the book thrown at her -- plain and simple.


Kyle Domato-Kushnel is a nice-looking blonde lady who worked as a teacher's aide at Wooster Middle School in Bridgeport, Connecticut. One night, her husband heard what he thought was a burglar and called police. What they discovered was far more sinister than any smash and grab.

Kyle, his wife, had apparently been having sex with a middle school kid from her school since he was 13 years old in 2013. It began, he says, after she lured him to her husband's "man cave" to assault him. Sickeningly, she had known the kid all his life -- she was his preschool teacher more than a decade ago.

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The poor kid had really been through the ringer. He confessed at one point she became pregnant but miscarried. She reportedly offered him $900 to keep quiet about the whole thing.

This woman is a devious sexual predator and needs to be kept away from kids -- for good. If this was a middle-aged man sleeping with a girl, we would all be calling for his head. But for some inexplicable reason, we give women a pass when it comes to having sex with underage boys. It's wrong and it needs to stop.

We need to protect our young boys from sexual predators every bit as much as we need to protect our girls. And the predators are usually the ones you least expect with the easiest access to our kids -- like teachers' aides at the middle school.

So let's not dismiss any warning signs we see from our boys that they might be the victims of sexual assault. For whatever insane reason, our macho, hyper-sexed society tells them they should be "proud" of the "conquest," when in reality they are victims of crime. It's up to us to help them understand that children -- regardless of their gender -- are not prepared to make decisions about something as precious and important as giving their bodies to someone else. And that they are valued and deserve to be protected from harm -- especially from those we trust to protect them.

In the meantime, Kyle is out of jail on $50,000 bond. The judge has ordered her to stay away from her victim. Let's hope the courts can come up with a more permanent solution to keep her away not just from this boy -- but from all of our sons. 


Image via Fox 5 DC/Facebook

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