16-Year-Old Slashed in the Face on the Way to School Puts Parents on High Alert

A 16-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after she was attacked by an assailant with a knife while walking to school on Wednesday. The foreign exchange student from China was slashed in the face twice, but luckily no major arteries were cut, and she's going to be just fine.


The incident happened in Queens, New York, when the girl was just walking to school. It was caught on a local security camera, but so far police haven't been able to track down the suspect. It also appears that it was completely random, which is terrifying when you think about it.

New York Police Department's chief of detectives, Robert K. Boyce, told the New York Times, "She's slashed in her face, twice ... Once from her ear to her throat, to the middle of her throat, and another part of the face as well."

The girl was living with her aunt, who is her guardian while she's here going to school. She told the New York Post, "This is terrible ... She was on the way to school, only an eight-minute walk, when she was attacked. She was carrying a cup of hot chocolate."

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You'd never think that something so horrible could happen to your own child in the space of an eight-minute walk to school. She's likely here for a better education, and I bet her parents never thought she'd be in this kind of danger.

Of course we all want the best for our kids, and never think something so random and violent could happen to them. She did absolutely nothing wrong, and still became a victim. It's another reminder to give your kids a hug and pray for their safety. We can't keep them in bubbles, but with psychos like this in the world, we can try to keep them as safe as possible.


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