Woman Can Finally Vote in Saudi Arabia? But What Does This Actually Mean

Jesse Ventura

Starting this December, women in Saudi Arabia will be able to vote and run for office, but they will still be barred from interacting with men, wearing makeup, going for a swim, driving a car, participating in sports...the list goes on and on...

Women are now able to register to vote in municipal elections, and they began the registration process over the weekend. This change has been a long time coming, but don't congratulate the country on its new stance on equality just yet. Women still have obstacles to overcome in order to vote. As reported by ThinkProgress.org, “many Saudi women do not have the ID cards that will be required of them in order to vote.”


“In principle, all Saudi women can obtain ID cards without asking anyone else’s permission,” Adam Coogle of Human Rights Watch explained. “But bars on women’s freedom of movement and opposition from male family members can make it difficult for some women to obtain ID card.” There is also a “guardianship” system, which gives male relatives legal control over many aspects of women’s lives.

"The whole system of women's subordination to men in Saudi Arabia needs to be dismantled," said Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa. "While moving in the right direction, Saudi Arabia is moving far too slowly. Ultimately, it is no great achievement to be one of the last countries in the world to grant women the vote."

The first elections that women will be able to cast their votes in will take place in December. It will be interesting to see how many women get permission to vote (and then a ride to the voting booth) from their husbands, brothers, or fathers.

So why exactly is Saudi Arabia considered one of our allies? Besides the fact that they oppress women, there's still significant proof that the Saudi Royal family funded the 9/11 hijackers. Senator Bob Graham, the former Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence who wrote the 9/11 Report, explains the evidence behind their involvement in this video:

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