'Instagram Husbands' Will Make You LOL at Your Own Photo-Posting Craziness

Instagram HusbandIf you've ever forced your mate to hold off on drinking his latte until you've gotten the perfect #brunch shot, or asked him to take a photo (or 85) of you from the perfect angle (high, HIGH above!), then you'll be happy to know ... there's help for him! And for all the long-suffering Instagram Husbands.


"Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me ... and a brick wall," shares a solemn young husband in this hilarious PSA-like video, created by Mystery Hour, a comedy show in Springfield, Missouri.

The video is the perfect send-up of all those clichéd Insta shots. And I have to admit, my husband would TOTALLY relate:


Shoe pic! Shoe pic!

I offer my own shoe pic as proof that Instagram Husband is offering a vital service:

Mini #autumn date night �

A photo posted by April Hussar (@aprilhussar) on

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Also, this shot (the last of about 15 in a row), taken at dinner by my husband ... in which I created my own better lighting WITH MY ARM.

And, erm, here's a snap from our cozy breakfast date at one of our favorite spots where they have shelves full of books ...

Oh dear. I really will have to tell my husband to head over to InstagramHusband.com, where suffering men like him can share their stories. Like this:


... and this:


What a crazy world we're living in, right? Now, pardon me, but I have to create a cute collage of items to stage being my afternoon #icedcoffee so I can Instagram it.


Image via The Mystery Hour / YouTube

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