Woman’s Fake Viral Story About Kindness Proves Some People Do Anything For Fame

A video went viral over the weekend, as one woman implored her fellow human being to be kind toward one another, as you never know what's happening in someone else's life. She detailed the scene she had just witnessed at Wal-Mart, when a customer was berating a crying cashier. She learned that the kid had just lost his mom to suicide that morning, and was only at work because he was afraid of losing his job.


Except that Wal-Mart has responded, and said no such thing ever happened. Whoops.

In the video (which had more than 23 million views as of Monday afternoon), Paige Yore shared her story about the importance of being kind. She said that the young man even hugged her and thanked her for not judging him for being so out of it, because his mom had committed suicide that morning.

It's a sad and sweet story, for sure, except that's it's apparently B.S. On Monday, Wal-Mart said that the "important life lesson" learned by Paige last Friday at Pueblo's south side store in Colorado was made-up.

Who knows why, except for fame-mongering, of course, but a media person for the retailer said, "This is not true," regarding the viral video. The rep said that they had spoken to the cashier, and that his mom was alive. He had no idea that someone had made up a story about him.

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The company also reviewed the security footage from the store, and there was no yelling, no crying, and no hugging. They said there was some tension with the customer in front of Paige in line, but it was a language barrier issue, and definitely not a big deal.

Why in the world would this woman make something like this up? Oh yeah, because she probably wants people to think she's an amazing person. You don't have to have a viral video to be an awesome and kind person, you just have to not be a jerk to people.

And you know, maybe stop making stuff up on the Internet. 


Image via Bradford/YouTube

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