See Why This 'Heartwarming' Christmas Ad Is Truly Sick & Twisted (VIDEO)

Edeka Christmas commercial'Tis the season ... for bizarre acts of family manipulation designed to pull at your heartstrings and make you sob! Wait -- that's not how the saying goes? Someone should let the makers of this crazy German supermarket commercial know!


The Edeka commercial has gone viral, and for good reason ... it's the kind of thing you have to share, because you can't believe what you just watched. It starts off with a sweet old man who lives all alone listening to a voice mail ... and, oh no, his daughter can't bring his grandkids home for Christmas! I'm already getting misty-eyed.

Then there are scenes of sweet old Grandpa preparing his meal for one ... wistfully looking out the window at other grandpas with their grandchildren ... and sadly eating at his festive dining room table with his lonely little candle  ... all by himself. OMG ARE YOU CRYING YET.


Well, you will now ... because guess what? SWEET OLD GRANDPA'S DEAD!

Or ... is he? Watch for yourself:


I mean, what the you-know-what?! Right? I hate this commercial. It's creepy and manipulative -- just like that creepy and manipulative old man. What a sick thing to do to your family!

Oh, what's that? You feel sorry for him? You feel sorry for all the old people of the world who feel abandoned by their families?

Well, jeez, so do I. But I mean, come on!

I hate that it makes me cry. I literally burst into tears when he popped out of the room to show his poor children that he's not really dead. Anyone who's lost a beloved person will know what a fantasy that is ... that somehow your loved one isn't really dead, that it's some kind of awful mistake or miscommunication. To play on that heartfelt wish in order to get people into your grocery store is truly sick and twisted.

Of course, if this ever did happen -- if my family member tricked me into coming to visit by faking death -- then I'd want to strangle that person myself! Honestly.

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Welp, enjoy your Christmas dinner, everyone! Dinner that YOU THOUGHT WAS GOING TO BE A FUNERAL!


Image via EDEKA/YouTube

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