Struggling Mom of 4 Wins Lottery & Makes Huge Church Donation

Single mom of 4 wins state lottery, and tithes close to $700k to home church

What would you do if you won the lottery? It's a question all of us ask ourselves, but never really expect to happen. Marie Holmes is a mom of four who won the lottery in North Carolina last March. Previously working at Walmart and McDonald's, you could say her newfound wealth upgraded her lifestyle -- but what she did with close to $700,000 of her money will blow your mind.


Taking a lump sum payment of $127 million from her $188 million jackpot winnings, the 26-year-old mom wrote a check to her "home church," Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church, for $680,000. She hopes the money will be used on much-needed repairs -- and serve as a tithe.

Wow, let that church say amen.

Can you imagine the holy ghost dance they're doing? That's a pretty serious donation right there.

Yup, not sure most of us would do that (kudos, girl).

Look, I love my church and pastor ... but am not too sure I could cut a check like that -- at least not to one institution (I think I would sprinkle it around). I do have to commend Marie for her dedication to her house of worship.

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Sadly, news of Marie's amazing donation has been clouded by some pretty serious legal troubles. Just one week after winning the lottery, Holmes spent a ton of money bailing out her fiancé, Lamarr Andre McDow. Since his arrest in October (the third time in almost a year), Marie's main squeeze has been locked up on heroin-related charges, violating a pre-trial agreement, and possession of a firearm.

And if that's not bad enough, this mother of four was arrested in July, after police found drug paraphernalia -- including marijuana -- and a .45 caliber pistol (Marie was cited for drugs, but not the gun) at her home.

Now I'm not sure if this church offering is a fresh start for Marie, or what. Hopefully she can clean up her life (I don't know if she's battling addiction, or if her fiancé is using her home as a stash house) and get rid of any and all unnecessary baggage for the sake of her children. This money now affords her the chance to make a significant impact for generations to come -- so long as Marie surrounds herself with the right kinds of people.




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